I have things to say about text input design. They will be in a video on briefs.video soon. Good time to subscribe.

I'm thinking of printing a bunch of these and sticking them everywhere.

I am starting to script the next briefs.video. Here is your reminder to subscribe.

Happy Monday, web developers. Today I am investigating how to upgrade the GDPR banner on an ancient corporate site written using Java-based templates. Here is a picture of me at work.

WTF has happened to my syntax highlighting in VS Code?? Wasn't like this when I downed tools last night.

Keeping my Twitter account largely to tweet at Musk directly until he blocks me.

I've been writing music generatively and trying to visualise it.

I have been suspended from Twitter for attacking the protected class that is [squints] Brexiteers... how's your morning going?

This is original content (you're welcome). Press a button if you get the reference.

My icon component uses fetch, because I don't like the limitations of <use>. This way, I can use the same SVG resources with my component, or directly with img[src]. DRY.

I love it when I get comments like this. "Haha arghhh haha".

And while we're on OSX bullshit, can we have a moment about this? "no date... today"

You can use global custom properties in Houdini paint workers by mapping them to initial values.

Here, I'm mapping the global --border-thin (declared on :root) to the registered --cross-width. The thickness of the cross changes with --border-thin, keeping them in sync.

There's no need to use `--cross-width: var(--border-thin)` on the element. It passes the initial value silently.

Another racist spontaneously combusts from the sheer volatility of their ignorance.

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