I've been writing music generatively and trying to visualise it.

@sphinxc0re So I guess, yeah, it could also be taken to mean "don't use JavaScript to do this because it won't work with JS off". But NOTHING (not just layout design) works with JS off in a client rendered SPA.

@sphinxc0re In the video, it's about an imperfect layout still providing essential content in an accessible way, hence not "broken", just not particularly visually pleasing. That part doesn't really have anything to do with JavaScript, but I would agree that depending on JavaScript to create layout is generally a bad idea.

@sphinxc0re Not sure what you mean, sorry. A SPA could use CSS progressively?

@ashley Thanks! Out of interest, which is your favorite artwork?

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@heydon I mean yeah the ’00s French electropop was p evil indeed 😌💃

I’ve made a lot of changes to mutable.gallery recently.

★ New and improved artworks
★ Finer grain control on algorithms (e.g. Inverted has an "evil" slider → mutable.gallery/inverted/)
★ Ability to order prints of the unique artworks you make (!!)
★ Fullscreen/slideshow mode

Let me know what you think.

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So @laura spent all day yesterday adding a transcript, captions, and links to the sites we mentioned, etc., to the recording of our Small is Beautiful live stream with @heydon and @gabek (as she always does the day after the steam).

Watch/read at small-tech.org/videos/small-is

#accessibility #a11y #SmallTech #SmallWeb #Owncast #WebbedBriefs #SmallsBeautiful

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@heydon @flakoot @aral that's sadly not bad luck but reality. There are good instances though too like (mine and) tilvids.com/ and peertube.sunknudsen.com/ or share.tube/videos/local and more. I should curate a list of good instances.

@flakoot @jeena @aral Same. Looked into it but found it very confusing. Plus all the instances I looked at were filled with conspiracy crackpots (probably just bad luck, that part)

Big thank you to @aral and @laura for having me on small-tech.org to chat. What a great conversation (as expected, love those two!!)

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Join us live in half an hour for this month’s Small is Beautiful.

Topic: Independent and ethical video and streaming with Small Tech.

Special guests:

- @gabek (Owncast)
- @heydon (Webbed Briefs)

With a first glimpse at setting up and streaming to an Owncast server in under a minute using something we’re working on…


(Grab your webcam & headphones if you want to not just watch but join us in the studio.)

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #Owncast #WebbedBriefs

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w00t! 🤓️🎉️ First successful setup of an Owncast server via Site.js (think: your own single-tenant Twitch) in ~30 seconds using Basil (which is nowhere near ready for use yet).

I plan on demonstrating this live on Thursday’s Small Is Beautiful on independent and ethical video and streaming with Small Tech with special guests @gabek (Owncast) and @heydon (Webbed Briefs, Inclusive Components)


#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallWeb #SmallTech #Owncast

@darth_mall Thank you! It’s all random LFOs generating the sounds.

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Webbed Briefs by @heydon is my favourite thing on the Internet right now!


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