📢 I'm working on a prototyping tool. It's made from web components, CSS and a bit of Houdini. It's called Bruck. github.com/Heydon/bruck

The term 'halfwit' is ableist because it refers to people with learning disabilities.

Can I suggest using 'fuckwit' instead? 'Fuck' is indeterminate, but can mean 'fuckery' i.e. bigotry, nonsense, bad ideas. It designates beliefs not abilities, and is therefore not offensive.

This is original content (you're welcome). Press a button if you get the reference.

I think this is my favorite piece of guitar music ever. Smoulders gently, then implodes into screeching, wailing oblivion. Makes my soul feel really nice. open.spotify.com/track/4YIVBKX

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@heydon I solved it this way: codepen.io/marcus/pen/ce80f4c4

-> A watcher in the high level component expecting a certain ref in the component. Then putting focus on the element with said ref.

Neotropic is still making records! Fantastic female producer in a post-trip hop/experimental world of white boiz. Her "La Prochaine Fois" is one of my favorite records of all time. open.spotify.com/album/1YMfok7

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Was on book.inclusive-components.desi using the NVDA screen reader.

The reader described the alt text for Pickering's book cover as "a circuit board powering a bright light".

I laughed at myself for missing that entirely and simply thinking "liney lightbulb" the first time I saw it.

@moiety @pori @laura Laura's book really does have everything you're likely to need. It's an accessible (excuse the pun) introduction, but it also has a lot of depth.

@marcus @yatil @scottohara I think you can just add a watcher to the high level component that contains all your routes, like so:

$route (to, from){
// focus stuff here

@marcus @yatil @scottohara This sounds like a good idea. But for maintenance's sake, you should try to manage focus at the router level, rather than per component.

Idea: A Megadeth covers band called Megadeath.

Learning from Wikipedia that Tom Araya is a devout Catholic and believes God is all-loving. Kerry King wishes he had a super power whereby he could burst churches into flames with his mind. It's kind of touching that they've worked together for so long.

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»There's plenty of time to do just the stuff that matters.

Because not a lot of it exists.«

@heydon at Fronteers 2018

Who called it "domestic dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, rats, monitor lizards, turtles, chinchillas, and guinea pigs" when they meant quadrapets?

@hankchizljaw Wasn't even a service workers issue. Unexpected Other FuckeryTM.

I just learned that Brad Wilk auditioned for Lock Up (Morello's previous band) and was turned down. Imagine passing up having Brad Fucking Wilk as your drummer.

@hankchizljaw Ignore that. I just needed a ./ URL. They don't tell you that :-/

@hankchizljaw Well, turns out this doesn't work so great because of content security policy errors RE relative URLs. Got it working on Github by hard coding the URL...

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