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Webbed Briefs by @heydon is my favourite thing on the Internet right now!


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What does the large hadron collider have to do with misguided non-scientists tasing themseves in the nuts and squirrels teased by capitalist nuts in a social media forest? @heydon has the answer and it's black (and, at times, very very dark grey): briefs.video/videos/why-the-in

@sphinxc0re Sure! Or try to find different kinds of people to work with if you can afford to do that.

@sphinxc0re Good question. Definitely do our best to resist including trackers from FAANG companies and collecting or selling/sharing persoanl data, for starters.

Hi everyone!

I think I'm going to spend more time here this year. Some things I released lately:

1. A video on progressive enhancement: briefs.video/videos/is-progres
2. A punk/blues/rockabilly/sludge record: deathgarage.bandcamp.com/album

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Si vous rêvez du "container query" #CSS, @heydon a créé un "custom component" qui utilise l'API ResizeObserver pour en simuler un ! 🎉
J'ai aussi vu passer ce bac à sable de @sturobson@twitter.com aussi qui peut aider à comprendre le fonctionnement

⏰ LAUNCH DAY! ⏰ Okay, I have until May 1st to fund my book "Bye Bye, Billionaires". Please help in any way you can, even if it's just a share!

It's a book about capitalism, and what's wrong with capitalism, written in plain English.


Since the Domino's case, I have been having some absurd conversations about with some very silly people. I dramatised one such conversation: heydonworks.com/article/web-ac

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Remember my Shaggy/Gojira mashup? Here's the batshit companion track. You won't have heard anything like this LOL.


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