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I think my favorite part of ES6 is template literals.

Which genius at LinkedIn thought that wishing people I don't know a happy birthday is somehow conducive to career success?

Were you aware links are not focusable in Firefox on Mac OS by default?

My custom element's constructor is firing twice. I have no idea why.

It is kind of funny, though, that there's all these coders who want to ignore the Cascading part of , but are intent on turning JS into Java.

A design system does not define how things look. It defines how things relate.

This is one of those perfect songs. I could listen to it over and over and over. It sits at some perfect intersection of rock, punk, soul, and easy listening.

The lyrics of this Drive-by Truckers song are... wow.

"And that guy who killed that kid /
Down in Florida standing ground /
Is free to beat up on his girlfriend /
And wave his brand new gun around"

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Just what I wanted. The Inclusive Components book by @heydon is now also available in .mobi format for Kindle.

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You can use global custom properties in Houdini paint workers by mapping them to initial values.

Here, I'm mapping the global --border-thin (declared on :root) to the registered --cross-width. The thickness of the cross changes with --border-thin, keeping them in sync.

There's no need to use `--cross-width: var(--border-thin)` on the element. It passes the initial value silently.

Shout out to the guy saying "PUSH THE TEMPO" all over that one Fatboy Slim track.

Mate, the drums are sequenced. It's not like they're going to speed up.

Another racist spontaneously combusts from the sheer volatility of their ignorance.

Been approached by Mighty Deals (TM) to promote the book. Not sure what to make of that. Any experience with them, anyone?

"I'm a socialist"
"Ha! So you work for free then, do you?"
"No, like I said, I'M A SOCIALIST"

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