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What's the best way to quickly brush up on Express and self-hosted backends for SPAs etc? Or should I be using a GraphQL API thingy?

I love it when I get comments like this. "Haha arghhh haha".

Has anyone got to work with native web components successfully? The docs don't tell you that you get HTMLElement not defined errors all over the place. Maybe I need a webpack loader or something?

With more variation:

Playing with swing beats on Beadz:

And while we're on OSX bullshit, can we have a moment about this? "no date... today"

So... it seems to be an OSX quirk. Enter with Cancel focused _confirms_ (not just Chrome; Firefox and possibly others).

I think I found a MAJOR Chrome bug with window.confirm(). If you cancel by keyboard, it confirms! Can anyone corroborate this, please?

Say what you like about CSS-inJS, but it's much better than when we had XML-in-HTML.

Well fuck. There's a new Dr Octogon record.

Things Which Seem Really Cool But Are Actually Quite Bad, new entries:

2456. The <use> element (no access to styling of individual paths, so negates a major advantage of inline SVG)
2457. Shadow DOM (inheritance still happens, but mostly when you don't want it to)

A new set of arrow functions are coming to 🙌

I've written a short guide on the ⇶, ↝, and ⟳ functions here:

The `is` syntax for extending custom elements is not great. I want to name a component, but have it support attributes etc of the extended element prototype, like

<custom-link href="[url]">
Focusable link that works

I just updated Firefox and watched my native web components go from *completely broken* to *100%* before my eyes. Been waiting a long time for this!

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@heydon has got you covered for all your syntactic sugar needs.

"Choosing The Right JavaScript Arrow Function: A Guide"

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