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Skeletons sodas finally arrived today. JalapeΓ±o flavored soda that turns your mouth bright blue. Used to drink these as a kid, found one spot on the internet that still sells em. Holy dang

Got a feeling I need to find a new instance

Worked on the Hey Exit site, met up with a friend to track a solo for the Anura album, then planning sesh over dinner for a euro tour in April, back home to help out my downstairs neighbor with assembling her new furniture, now chillin at the laundromat, 11pm local time 😴

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Been going all day and I’m feelin rather burnt !

Woke up with a 100Β° fever out of nowhere on the day of my birthday party lol, good morning

Started working out a bit last month and now all kinds of crazy things have been getting sore.

Everyone's needs are different but personally I'm good with like 2-3 gecs. I max out at probably 15 I'd say.

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This is what an ISP modem rack looked like in 1996. Yes, this was a real ISP in Miami.

I loved that era. It was like the wild wild west of IT.

I know I have to get rid of him cuz mice carry disease but until I'm done at work he's chillin' here with me !! (And his name is Federico.)

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Sev found a mouse and then I rescued the mouse and I'm tryna feed him a cranberry!

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subject: Hey!


I’m walking here.




New Danny Brown is nice, looks like he's doing good this year

ung i didn't sleep all good and i don wanna do my day wahhhhh

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