What I was meaning to say: I would love an invitation.

Anyone here registered at lobste.rs? Have been an active reader for roughly two years and wanna take part.

Finally got Witcher 3 GOTY on sale the other day. Guess I won’t ever need another game.

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Those cheap Xiaomi sensor come to mind. But I don't like their gateway.

Looking for a cheapish solution to integrate temperature and humidity sensor into openhab. Minimum requirements: battery-powered and unobtrusive.

For all those waiting patiently: the final build succeeded. (After I went home)

First weekend after a long vacation. How does this work again?

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Welcome to all new users on mastodon.social, and all new users everywhere else on the fediverse!

@kev wrote an inofficial primer that you might find useful: kevq.uk/how-does-mastodon-work

@noelle wrote an inofficial FAQ you might find useful: github.com/joyeusenoelle/Guide

I hope you have a good time and stick around. :toot:

Merging a pull request on a friday evening. Wish me luck.

Summer is over. (Also the iPhone‘s camera is too good. Couldn‘t focus anything than the drops) mastodon.social/media/aCHI0O0Q

Holy shit. This feels just like that other thing back in 2011. definetly am in love.

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