Anarchist communities face waves of state repression every few years. In the US we're all overdue for a pile of raids, revealed snitches, RICO / grand jury cases, and random inactive people suddenly serving solitary confinement for decades.

It regularly terrifies me how unprepared this new internet-converted generation is.

Piles of kids have converted to anarchism online without any real grounding in the seriousness of the level of repression you can inevitably expect just for your politics, and the expectations the community has of you (ie don't fucking talk, not one iota, not even when they're starving you in solitary confinement without your meds, and raping you).

Much less any idea how to handle shit when people's lovers/etc are exposed as informants, or just seem like it without proof (don't snitchjacket).

I feel like we should just be telling stories nonstop about what actual political repression of radical communities looks like, both in the US and without. Because yall need to be mentally prepared now so you're not flustered and "how could this ever??" desperately looking for support online and panicking when shit actually kicks off.



I take it you are new to this, no offense.

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