Sent a bunch of people spoiling Game of Thrones warnings (and reports if they're from other servers, so their admin knows).

Maybe spoilers are a minor infraction in the grand scheme of things, but it's still a dick move.

@Gargron @CM_noelle

Then why are you threatening to ban people for talking about Endgame, which is out and has hundreds of spoiler reviews out in the mainstream press now.

Is young girls being sold for prostitution ok on, but I can't talk about a popular movie without either self-censorship or immediate banning?

That's the jerk move, if you want to put it in crude terms.


@Gargron @CM_noelle


Remember when cws were introduced, we were told they would be purely voluntary?

But now are cws mandatory for a completely undefined category of "spoilers"?

How "voluntary" is that?

Please do not misuse your censorship powers to force your personal opinion about movie spoilers onto everyone else.

Otherwise, you are being much more restrictive and uncool than Twitter or Facebook.

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