The US has learned nothing.

When you arm and train people in guerrilla tactics, then suddenly cut them off and leave them at the mercy of their enemies:

That situation leads to blowback, whether you are talking of bin Laden and MAK, Kurdistan after the Gulf War, Libya, and now Syria. Maybe the blowback is contained and the US doesn't suffer another devastating attack. One ill turn doesnt justify another. But its still a humanitarian disaster.

This fickle & lawless US behavior hurts everyone.

@hhardy01 Many in the power structures of the USA are just interested in expanding their empire. Conflict and blowback cause a disrupted region and justification to go and exploit the region.

@hhardy01 It sort of doesn't matter what the US learns institutionally if the chief negotiator is a spineless imbecile. The actual foreign policy apparatus seems to be at odds with this outcome.

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