Amused that the #Slack outage today is preventing so much work from being done, when decentralized #OpenSource platforms like @matrix still exist and are running just fine. Why do people keep using these walled gardens?

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That's actually an easy question to answer: The IT guy who has to pick these platforms is *essentially* responsible for the decision.

If a self-hosted or non-mainstream solution goes down or has a problem, its *his* fault. And he's get piled on by the ignorant for using a "non-standard solution."

If he gets them to buy Slack and it goes down, it's Slack's fault, as he used an "industry standard solution."

Why should the IT person stick their neck out for that?


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Using externally-hosted services solves a myriad of problems for sysadmins and higher-ups, until it goes down for a long time, or data is lost, corrupted, or compromised, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Even so, "nobody ever got fired for using IBM services" still applies.

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@gedvondur @downey @matrix

As far as highly available, enterprise services, probably the best situation is "we own it and host it, but have iron-clad 24x7 service and support contract with vendor."

Even so, I've seen senior admins roasted for things beyond their control, or for simple human error 1 in 100,000 times they did something.

If someone on my team screwed up I would go to mgmt, this happened & I'm responsible.

"Henry, I'm so tired of your I chopped the cherry tree!"

"Thank you!"

@hhardy01 @downey @matrix I don't know if I'd sign on saying "self hosted is best" but only because I firmly believe that there are more customer use cases than I can easily hold in my head.

But my instincts agree with the idea. I was raised in the "do it yourself" IT tradition.

@gedvondur @downey @matrix

I am talking about IT departments with a 100 million dollar plus budget. Like Fortune 50 companies or major research universities.

Small businesses buy off the shelf services perforce.

The days of "hire a sysadmin and let them do whatever they want because wizard stuff" are unfortunately gone, except for in my own self-hosted projects, so there's that. I still do cloud stuff too, it's inescapable.

@hhardy01 @downey @matrix I was thinking more "Fortune 250" myself. But I see what you are saying. I think the rules start to change at Fortune 50.

I think to break this cycle IT folks need to start translating IT concerns into business concerns sans the technical explanations. The business people cutting the checks do not want technobabble and don't' share IT's concerns. So its on IT to expand its vocabulary to achieve both business and IT goals. Or get increasingly ignored.

@hhardy01 @downey @matrix True. I struggle to tell small vendors and small OSS support organizations how to get beyond the "IBM" problem.

The best I've come up with is customer case studies proving they do what they say.

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