Which has primacy?

Freedom of Speech


Autonomy in Commmunication

How do these differ?

What do they comprise of?

What conflicting or intersecting rights exist?

No, I’ve not defined terms. I have definitions in mind, but am also trialing language. The 2nd term is novel and appears not to be in significant use. I’m interested in seeing what others presume the meaning to be.

Boosts appreciated.

#FreeSpeech #AutonomousCommunication



What's the frame?


Customary law?

Common law?

Napoleonic/Justinianic law?

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I'll speak to US since I know that best.

The Zenger trail in 1734 was a landmark for freedom of the press. Zenger was accused of libel for criticizing allegedly corrupt Royal Governor Crosby. Zenger was defended by Hamilton and won a jury trial.

Pamphleteers and publishers such as Paul Revere and Thomas Payne were a key asset of the Revolution.

There was a strong swing toward increased speech and press freedom in 1960 starting with the Free Speech Movement. Cohen v California.

@hhardy01 That's a use, yes, though not a notably prevalent one IMO.

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