"Installation: we recommend that you use Docker."

what I'm supposed to see: "hey, it's a simple one-liner! Such clean install, much wow."

what I actually see: "we couldn't figure out how to install this thing on anything but our own machine, but hey, here is a well-compressed image of our entire disk, use this instead so that we can stop trying"

@ssafar Couldn't agree more. Docker is making developers lazy and leading to software that's impossible to install outside of the very specific hand-tweaked environment provided by the docker image.

@hhardy01 @ssafar Everything I write works that way, although there may be a ./configure step before the first make. (Yes, I do use autotools for some projects.)


@dfs @ssafar

I thought about including ./configure, but I was making a reference to the most ancient, bsdish way I learned I think SunOS 4.1.1.

I'm just making an obscure joke really, though I do get aggravated when package manglers gunna mangle. :)

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