The Corporation behind and the Admins of Twitter can see your “Private Messages”

The Corporation behind and the Admins of Facebook can see your “Private Messages.”

The Admins of Mastodon can see your Direct Messages. They aren’t private.

With Mastodon, you can spin up your own instance and be your own Admin.

Ultimately, don’t use any of these tools for actual private messages. Use Signal, Matrix/Riot or another end to end encrypted messaging tool.

@hhardy01 - Yep!

Here’s an interesting thing. Mastodon has 500 characters. How long of a GPG message can you push on that?

@tinker @hhardy01 Depends on the length & number of the recipients & your own key if you're signing (which you should be). GPG apparently has support for ECC, which is better suited to short messages, but you'd have to convince all your recipients to generate ECC keys.

@seanl @hhardy01 - I spin up keys for one offs each time. So not terrible worried about that.

Be cool to build something natively within the Mastodon client.

@tinker @hhardy01 DM encryption would be great. Mailvelope has an open issue for ECC support, which would enable it without needing Mastodon cooperation. Looks like openpgpjs supports it already, which would allow someone to add it to the Mastodon web frontend.

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