Sakura pens are beautiful. Nice coverage, little bleeding.

They are very smeary, especially the glaze.

Calls for a blotter and sand.

That turned out really cool. Scaled down from 30314x16901 pixels to 1920x1080.

If you go to the original image you can zoom into some nice detail.

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I took the Canon EOS 90D and my homemade camera rig out in front of my house. I think I made the biggest panorama yet. Assuming my computer doesn't melt down trying to render it :)

If/when it finishes I'll give a preview... I can't post the full 100MB+ glory here obvs.

There's some funky things with the rig and tripod which aren't tight. Very happy with flexibility and convenience of shooting but needs work yet. Making progress.

Yay spring!

I've decided private and personal information should not go on the internet at all to the degree practical. To that end I am buying Moleskein notebooks, some for specific places they are always kept and smaller ones to carry around. I ❤️ them.

So done with the surveillance economy.

Tired of posting on masto about, for instance, the stupidity of royal bee jelly masks, and immediately being offered one upon next login on amazon panopticon.

I just finished recording another episode of "Dad Remembers."

We've gotten up to early 1960's, so I am alive now.

Dad had a great one about me. He said at one church, before meetings of the session, all the old guys would sit in the back room and smoke. Dad said he found me in there kneeling on my haunches with them, perfectly at home.

He said, Henry come away from there. The old men said he ain't bothin' us let him stay there.

Me, proto curmudgeon at age 3.

Юрий Гагарин говорит Поехали!

Soviet-era poster of Yuri Gagarin saying "Let's Go!"

April 12, 1961

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Me at age 5 in 1964.

This was the height of my fashion sense apparently. Check the Mohawk! Then I spent the next 57 years wearing black. :)

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Me: I've always been a curmudgeon.

Dad: Henry, you're less of a curmudgeon at 62 than you were when you were 5!

Me: That's true.

both: lol!

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Here's my latest synth experiment.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Sub.

Two patterns chained to make the iconic bass hook from the White Stripes 7 Nation Army.

There's all my Teenage Engineering kit in the new travel bag I got. It's on a hanger like a suit rack. I've got everything with their respective color coded cables. Each of the pouches snaps and unsnaps from the main carrier, and the whole thing rolls up like a synthesizer burrito.

So cool.

This just in from Google News:

"Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600's pirate News Type."

Google News headline, April 7, 2021

Ah yes, the eternal mystery of the mysterious 17th century pirate known as "News Type."

☠️ 🤔 ❓

Latest rig build with the Atomos Shinobi 4k touchscreen monitor.

I am very happy now. :)

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My latest build of Canon EOS 90D Smallrig camera rig.

I figured out how to put back the carbon fiber rods. I still want some rods on the bottom too to better protect the lens from fall-forwards.

It's an awesome top handle now and makes it so the camera can securely be set down upside down and even has an attachment for an attachment plate for a tripod or magic arm to hold the camera.

It's another example of me using the Smallrig kit upside down or backwards.

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