Sakura pens are beautiful. Nice coverage, little bleeding.

They are very smeary, especially the glaze.

Calls for a blotter and sand.

That turned out really cool. Scaled down from 30314x16901 pixels to 1920x1080.

If you go to the original image you can zoom into some nice detail.

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My intent in getting the new camera was to provide high resolution images for my Deep Dream project. But now I'm producing images which Deep Dream can't process and photoshop can't even make into same pixel count jpegs. lol.

What am I gunna do with them? Ofc can crop or downsize.

Next project might be really big ones of these maybe also printed on litecal mounted on polycarb and backlighted somehow.

I also got my test panel of greenhouse roof/wall. Hmmm.

I took the Canon EOS 90D and my homemade camera rig out in front of my house. I think I made the biggest panorama yet. Assuming my computer doesn't melt down trying to render it :)

If/when it finishes I'll give a preview... I can't post the full 100MB+ glory here obvs.

There's some funky things with the rig and tripod which aren't tight. Very happy with flexibility and convenience of shooting but needs work yet. Making progress.

Yay spring!

"Death Wish"

by Henry Edward Hardy

I like when I can take a mundane image and use Deep Dream to bring it to the edge of magical realism.

It's also cool where there is a story in the picture you didn't consciously note at the time.

This previous post is the post about the picture I made into that poster. It's for my project for Artisan's Asylum.

This one will very likely end up as a litecal translucent vinyl on polycarbonate backlighted display, like these, only bigger. The pictures below are the actual pieces, sitting on a light table. I haven't made lightboxes yet.

This was a first effort on this workflow so one hopes to improve.


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"Fröhliche Ostern"

by Henry Edward Hardy

based on a painting by Arthur Thiel, c. 1920, public domain

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