I did another episode of "Dad Remembers" yesterday.

Dad was in fine form.

One of his good dadism's was,

"We put in a bid for the Inn. It was insultingly low.

That's a good thing.

I lehnd in New Joisey, 'If the bid's not insulting, it's not low enough.'"

I just finished recording another episode of "Dad Remembers."

We've gotten up to early 1960's, so I am alive now.

Dad had a great one about me. He said at one church, before meetings of the session, all the old guys would sit in the back room and smoke. Dad said he found me in there kneeling on my haunches with them, perfectly at home.

He said, Henry come away from there. The old men said he ain't bothin' us let him stay there.

Me, proto curmudgeon at age 3.

Me: I need to go up to the Chinese laundry in Teele Square. The lady who co-owns the place, she won't always mend my things. She says, I won't try to imitate her accent, but she says like, "Henry. These trousers are "moth-eaten." Do you understand "moth-eaten?""

Dad: That sounds like your mother.

Me: I know! The first words that came into my brain were "Yes, Mom!" :)

Me: I've always been a curmudgeon.

Dad: Henry, you're less of a curmudgeon at 62 than you were when you were 5!

Me: That's true.

both: lol!

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I'm uploading the first three episodes of "Dad Remembers" to YouTube. Sorry I can't post them here but we co-own the production and he's very specific right now that "I don't want to see these on social media."

The main point is to get these made and produced. So far I think they are great straight and unedited. I love the vérité. Indeed, his Dadness is increasing exponentially with each episode. ❤️

I started an oral history with my Dad called Dad Remembers. I used my commercial zoom account so we could record.

He was full of Dadisms, starting with, "I was born in 1935, at a very young age."

I can't put this on social media right now as its mostly for family but he agreed I can edit so maybe in the future we can do some webisodes.

Me: I've always been a curmudgeon!

Dad: You're less of a curmudgeon now than when you were five!

I'm 62 and he's 85. :)

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I sang my "if your a traitor if you know it clap your hands" song for my Dad.

He laughed, really hard. Then he says,

Henry if you put that on social media, people will be upset.

Molon Labe.

How'd that work out for Leonidas?

Good point. Nevertheless, we need a Seneca to properly praise such an odious tyrant.

Who is our Seneca? Gore Vidal, but he's dead.

Sinclair Lewis: It Can't Happen Here or Elmer Gantry.

Those are good.

Now we need Judgement at Nuremburg.

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