"Britain Signals Intent to Revert to the Imperial System

The government announced plans to allow shops to sell produce in pounds and ounces, rather than using the metric system, as part of an effort to “capitalize on new Brexit freedoms.”"

In other news, the Home Office announced that henceforth, all government business will have to be submitted in Assyrian cuneiform, in triplicate. :)


Looks like adultswim has all two seasons full episodes of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex up for free streaming now in US zone.

Awesome chance to see one of the best post-cyberpunk series.


One day my friend John and I was sitting in the computer consultants lab at University of Michigan.

One of the fixed frequency monitors on a sparc-20 in the back room started to suddenly smoke copiously so a very excited person rushed into the main lab and shouted, "THE SUN JUST BLEW UP!!!"

And John and I looked at our watches and said in perfect synchrony, "That should give us about 9 and a half minutes then" and roflcoptered while our colleagues went wha? 💻



I have 4 more similar sized Ikea shelves on order. That might accommodate the books I have in the apt already. Maybe some of what's in storage which is mostly sf paperbacks.

My Workstation.

Ikea tables, Husky desk and cabinets, two 27 in monitors, OriginPC Genesis, apc ups, canon pixma 922 printer, Tiffany- style lamps, Queen Nefertiti.

There's this resounding silence on left and right as US soldiers, marines and air force comes back from Afghanistan.

No analysis or reflection on the ambiguous, supposedly narrow AUMF which became a fig-leaf for 20 years of eternal, unaccountable, secret, global war, abduction, sequestration, torture, murder, and general shenanigans outside of customary law. Which both parties overwhelmingly supported.

No parades or welcome home for the soldiers who endured so much for their country. 🇺🇸

„SCANALYZER is the one single, the ONLY study of the news in depth that’s processed by General Technics’ famed computer Shalmaneser, who sees all, hears all, knows all save only that which YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere, wish to keep to yourselves.“

John Brunner
Stand on Zanzibar


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So... the goal of activism is getting funded at the G20 on reality TV?

"From the Global Citizen movement comes an awe-inspiring look at what can come of it. The Activist pairs advocates from the worlds of health, education, and the environment with famous figures in a series of competitions that’ll take the winners -- and their ideas for seismic world change -- to the G20 Summit in Italy."


Please do not call me an 'activist'.

I am a dissident.

🏴 ☮️ 🌻 🌈 🌍

That's what I do. Principled dissent.

That is all. :)

Total weight capacity of the bed and couch: 7500 pounds.

Shelf capacity total: 15 tons.

"“This is crazy, frankly. There’s just no other word for it than crazy. The Republican party’s been taken over by crazy people. All these people who are doing this, their children have gotten polio vaccines, measles, mumps, rubella. All babies in the United States get their shots and that is mandatory. It is mandatory to go to school. So this is pretty insane.”


uspol, the racist origins of the current anti-abortion movement 

Excellent background here:


"But the religious right also needed a more respectable issue to hang their advocacy on. Yes, their most fervent adherents were angry about Black students mixing with white ones and getting to attend white schools, but as the 1970s and 80s chugged on, that was an increasingly unpopular position to take publicly.

'So how did evangelicals become interested in abortion?' Balmer writes. “As nearly as I can tell from my conversation with Weyrich, during a conference call with Falwell and other evangelicals strategizing about how to retain their tax exemptions, someone suggested that they might have the makings of a political movement and wondered what other issues would work for them. Several suggestions followed, and then a voice on the line said, ‘How about abortion?’”

Evangelicals were still angry they couldn’t racially segregate their institutions and still get tax breaks. But 'the right to segregate' no longer had the wide appeal it once did. 'The right to life,' though — that was a winner."

0th dinner is Buffalo fingers from Mike's, plus blue cheese sauce, celery sticks, carrot cake and one, or possibly two, random craft beers.

Whites who score high on measures of racial resentment and racial grievance support strict limits on abortion... This is part of a larger picture...racial attitudes are increasingly linked with opinions on a wide range of disparate issues including social welfare issues, gun control, immigration and even climate change. The fact that opinions on all of these issues are now closely interconnected and connected with racial attitudes is a key factor in the deep polarization


@hhardy01 Ah, now weʼre getting somewhere! But thereʼs a problem — we are unable to analyze a flux without representing it as a transition between two or more discrete states.

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