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i like how this 30 year old screenshot of plan 9 shows things linux and windows and macos are yet to achieve

I decided to go for it and make it in Wikia format. That way I can set up a personal page in userspace and point the Mana Wiki folks at it, though TBH they don't seem particularly interested in covering LoM vs. the rest of the series. I get the title was divisive at launch, but it seems like while they have LoM articles, they pretty much buried them and make you find them via search, unlike the other games, which is just super petty and I'm not sure I'm okay with that.

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So, I think I did it! I got everything into categories! So yay! If there are any borken links, just let me know. And as always, if there's any content you'd like me to write about, let me know! :)


#gemini #gemlog #Gemini #tildeverse #tilde

Biden offers support for Amazon workers pressing for unionization in Alabama - The president tweeted a video Sunday night calling out workers in Alabama, where Amazon warehouse ... -

So. The Canon EOS 90D Smallrig camera rig saga continues.

I added a cage for my pixel 4.

But, a failure. Having the cage hang from the magic arm from one screw makes it all wobbly. And the cage itself weirdly doesn't accommodate the width or thickness of the pixel 4.

I think I'll mount a universal handle on that side on a Smallrig "NATO mini-rail."

I can put a cold shoe mount tilt/swivel monitor mount and an arca plate mount on that and my smallrig phone holder on that.

FossAsia is an organisation that develops and promotes free open source software and hardware across Asia. They have just joined the Fediverse and you can follow them at:

➡️ @fossasia

Their website is at and their co-founder is at @hpdang

FossAsia also organises meetups and conferences across Asia throughout the year.

#FossAsia #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre #OpenSourceHardware #OSHW #Events #Organisations #Organizations #Asia #Regional

"CPAC: Hyatt Hotels says stage design resembling Nazi rune is 'abhorrent'

A photo of the stage went viral, with thousands of Twitter users comparing its distinctive design to an odal rune"

Lunch today is curry chicken salad, black bean salad, fresh tomato, two dolmas, feta cheese, pickled beets, giardiniera, kalamata olives, pickled jalapeños.

@hhardy01 As someone who was raised in a fairly devout Lutheran family, I have a hard time understanding the evangelical response to Trump. He has shown himself so profoundly ignorant of the contents of the Bible (he so notable decided to hold up) and basic tenets of Christian theology and practice. In the whole world, in thought, word and deed, he is, imo, one of the least Christian persons who still makes a claim to that faith.

Radio Days
I was once accused of obscenity and threatened with arrest for participating in a "burping contest" on a radio show called "The Happy Hicks."

There were no offensive words, just burping and belching.

You know you've got a mighty belch when people threaten to report it to the FCC and the police.

"The world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don't mind happiness
not always being
so very much fun
if you don't mind a touch of hell
now and then"
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: The world is a beautiful place

"The AP last year published a 27-second audio clip from Hollingsworth’s body camera in which he can be heard telling a colleague: “I beat the ever-living fuck out of” Greene before he “all of a sudden he just went limp”.

“It is now undisputed that Trooper York participated in the brutal assault that took Ronald Greene’s life,” said Mark Maguire, a Philadelphia civil rights attorney who represents Greene’s family."

You never stole from the rich to give to the poor
All they ever gave to them was a war
And a foreign enemy to deplore

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