New blog post sneak peek: Ready-to-run Grav CMS 1.6 Beta Skeleton Packages with Presentation Plugin now Available Packages include examples of embedded -based slides (which are actually standard Grav pages so Git Sync is also fully supported)🎩

New blog post: Cascadia Open Education Summit Proposals (feedback welcome!)🤞
1️⃣Using Markdown and Git Workflow for Open Courses and Resources
2️⃣Using the Modern File-based Grav CMS as a Personal Open Platform in Education

This is nice! It looks like the Government of Canada's Directive on the Management of Information Technology now says "Where possible, use open standards and open source software first" and goes on into detail with more guidance. I'm fully in favour of this sort of thinking, especially since it's a more free and sustainable approach #GCdigital #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

Further refining and testing multicourse support for the file-based Grav Open Course Hub... in addition to a single site hosting multiple courses (by the same instructor) it is an easy way to support multiple terms or sections. Explore the latest test site at

If anyone else here is interested in my Grav CMS open education projects, the latest addition is multi-course support for Open Course Hub where each course can have its own header image, menu, sidebar and footer - and open and collaborative content can be shared between courses... here is a demo:

This recent Grav CMS development might also interest fellow folks here... a sneak peek at a fullpage.js plugin by Ole Vik … Once again, the flat-file @getgrav CMS / Markdown / Git Sync FTW!

@clhendricksbc Follow-up tweet, to our earlier chat re: possibly using Grav for slides hosted on server of your own choice and MARKDOWN🙂

Reflecting on how amazing (and open) our Web network is now as I work on my Grav open education projects compared to my first public domain software I authored in the... wait for it... early 1990s.
While working for MotionWorks in Vancouver I cut a deal to have a HyperCard tool I built included as public domain software with a... wait for it... CD. So much change, but the same great feeling🙂

Oh, another great service I happily pay for: Reclaim Hosting for hosting websites. So completely amazingly great those people. Http://

If anyone here is into (😉), I hope to have some pretty awesome stuff to share with you with regards to seamless syncing between the modern flat-file CMS Grav and GitHub/GitLab for collaboration and content reuse with students and colleagues... hopefully soon(ish).


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