Snowden’s Box: The human network behind the biggest leak of all

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Whereami – Uses WiFi signals and machine learning to predict where you are

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@Raito_Bezarius Did you manage to setup the Docker *dev* environment for Mastodon?

Hey, that's also me: But it could be not me. UX regarding identities on federated social networks is very confusing. Might be a major reason for early churn?

Hey mastas and mastos! If you care about decentralization and encryption we are holding workshops and conferences at Centre Pompidou on May 5th. We are still confirming speakers but expect great talks! register ->

Wesh, les mastas et les mastos. On organise des ateliers et des tables rondes portant sur la décentralisation et le chiffrement. Ca sera le 5 mai au centre pompidou. Viens, on sera bien

Interesting comment on the post about abuse in federated systems ( )

The "abuse" problem on twitter is similarly not really a filtering issue [...] The actual problem people face is that they want to stop others from speaking, and label the speech they wish to stop "abuse". What's scary to most (including me) about Twitter is that an angry mob may form and decide they hate me, and then use Twitter to coordinate real life actions against me.

Oh my, the implications of this being based on GNU Social are staggering.

You can follow @rms here.

jokes aside, i once sat next to TBL at a meeting where he was half-listening and half-writing what appeared to be a nodejs web app

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Soooooo – I don't want to spoil this for everyone, but how is federation gonna work if is the only central hub where people will search for your known handle?

The benefit of a central platform like Twitter is that there can be no other @bascht accounts, once I registered and verified myself. Messages from @bascht and look indistinguishable to me:

You can see how Americans are waking up by the decreasing number of toots in French.

What is Mastodon? It's a social network where all posts are about Mastodon.

Are there any existing Twitter to Mastodon cross-posting tools? Perhaps, for GNU social?

The best thing I can do while reinstalling my OS due to a kernel panic error is to sign up here.

38,542 accounts
+479 in the last hour
+8,750 in the last day
+15,585 in the last week

How many days till there are thousands of followbots here?

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