im if you're interested in migratory follows. okay bye

house of cards america is a dog shit program that tries to adapt something from a different time and place and jam it into an era and political system that it doesn't work for but still tries to pass itself off as smart

elon musk is a cool guy and it sure is cool that none of his companies do employee drug testing

[ gets handed a sheet of paper ] this just in,

Telling lies? Open your mouth, Seymour.

Oh ho ho ho nooooo

Hi! It's me, the Flatwoods Monster.

I have to admit, the Mothman terrorized West Virginia better, but that doesn't mean that I didn't try.

枚he bourgeoisie spent decades worried about a reckoning and after the 2008 crisis failed to produce one, they got cocky. Theyre daring us now. whaat? wow who's that sounds like a cool website would standin solidarity with

hello its me elon musk i just want to say i was not at my best when i called the actual rescue diver a pedo guy but isn't it strange that he hasn't sued me for it makes you think hold on there's someone at the door

moving to click on that "show more" on a cw for whedon, politics, and having the homeline bump so i click on a butt

found a pic of people telling me that this also applies to communities in general

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online community with zero shitshow has not yet been invented

some people say multiculturalism is good but you'll change your tune when you hear my terrible tale of going to a multicultural place and seeing people from other cultures

their clothes were different from my clothes

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