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Colleague said my small group instruction was a joke, and it hurt. Other colleague said a student had played me, and that hurt. These colleagues aint loyal.

In love with all the gays who never drive and feeling deep resentment for these straight folk trying to rearend my car full of children

Sending out an automated message telling everyone that I am cancelled.

#FF This friday, follow your heart wherever it may lead. Follow your heart down the dark path through the woods. Follow your heart into the damp cave. Follow your heart into the mouth of a volcano. No one can stop you. You are the protagonist of your own story.

keep chatting shit about my number of accounts. if i deleted even one of them it would be like the library of alexandria burning.

pronouncing "testosterone" to rhyme with "pepperoni"

When your sexuality is showing off your muscles, you're a flexual

Alright, it turns out care and support are better than sex. Back to my flash ace content

“No. Please don’t do it” Wes Anderson begs as I try to fit a fifth claymation dog puppet into my mouth

Yeah, I invoke the name of Satan when I flirt, I’m gay.


I miss when this was a porn site and hate that it means rancor outsells horny


We have the scariest user name winner. I'm still shaking

At that level of sleep deprivation where every moment is a deja vu

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