We had such a nice time with a very sweet and very rad hacker, Marc juul! Of @omnicommons + @counterculturelabs +more! Set up live streaming jungle audio, and getting a massive network setup for scientists to wirelessly connect to sensors all over the jungle!

If you are ever in Oakland, you should make sure to check out ! It sounds great! Tuesdays are public hardware hacking nights and Wednesdays are public nights!

Tip: If you are trying to read the serial output of a rs232 stuff with an @arduino wired up to it, make sure your inverse bit flag it switched to "true" on the software serial initialization.

Yay now we can read and stream the hummingbird detectors around gamboa!

man tootdon been sucking, I can't even post photos

I'm speaking at CMU next week!

From Twitter (twitter.com/golan/status/11056):

& friends, mark your calendars! Kyle Machulis (@qdot), one of world’s leading authorities on open-source teledildonics, will present at the STUDIO for @creativeinquiry at 5pm Thursday, March 21! studioforcreativeinquiry.org/events/machulis

It's pretty fantastic how easy

makes it to download backups/upgrades/wholenew printers from their site ! First thing im doing for our jungle printer is replicating spare parts in case any break out here!

I'm curious about the odd instruction that the extruder parts MUST BE PRINTED IN BLACK?? Sensor thing?

When building the for , my ruler tattoo has been awesome for quickly sorting through bolts of different lengths! It's holding up its calibration great! Thanks @valeriekat at for this embodied tool! (And @mcandy_ whose tattoo I emulated!)

Our first at ! Kitty started putting together the 3D printer, Craig got ummat a awesome cheap CO2 monitoring system going, and Amanda is rocking her vertical bat system! Plus nice folks from the gamboa discovery school came by!

Leaf Cutter Ant Poetry! For the last day of dinacon applications being open, I wanted to share a quick fun project on


that you can do here in panama! Send a greeting to a friend via Ants (You just need a little Pee to make it work!)


quickie Valentine's day fundraiser! 5$ for a word carried by an ant!


Got taught how to weave beautiful baskets by a cool group of indigenous Wunan people. We will try to get them to come stop by dinacon in August to learn more neat traditional crafts and make interesting combinations and blends with scientific tools!

! only ONE WEEK left to apply to ! If I haven't talked you into applying maybe these cool gals will! ! Gamboa, Panamá! Aug 4-30, 2019

There it is! Our rad new 4x4 Turbo jungle truck! This will come super in handy at dinacon for moving people and equipment in and out the jungle. First though, Andy and Kitty have to learn how to drive manual! (link: dinacon.org) dinacon.org

oh each day is just filled with new friendly neat jungle creatures! I love it :)


if you are in Berlin this week for @transmediale or @CTMFestival:
KOBA E-Textile Tailor Shop Closing Exhibition

January 30th – February 3rd 2019
Görlitzer Strasse 72, 10997 Berlin

The wonderful Harold Tay released his "baby AUV" (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). It's elegant, low cost, ingeniously designed (IT ONLY USES HALF A PROPELLOR), and handles basic manoeuvring and navigation tasks with payload sensors (CTD). github.com/htarold/baby-auv

We had our first consulting session, and it was with Amanda F. Savage (@savage_af55). She's working on a way to study predation at different vertical levels in the Canopy.
We are trying to see if we can hook up ultra cheap s to record bats at 4 locations spaced out 8 meters.

Wow!!! 5 amazing jobs involving tech and conservation!!! Check em out folks! Stop using your rad skills to only make rich folks richer! :)


BIOTOPIA is seeking proposals from scientists, artists, gastronauts and designers for installations, workshops, public experiments, performances and participatory formats for their first BIOTOPIA Festival: dedicated to the entangled relationships between humans and other species at the junction of food and eating.


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