Taking a break from moving in to the with some photography and painting with @well.read.panda on the jungle porch!

Will be a nice extra hangout spot for the upcoming ! dinacon.org

I love that we're alive at a time when there are maps of the surfaces of other planets.

This is a detailed map of planet Venus, showing all of its most notable geographic features.

Click this link for a huge, printable version!

It's been an interesting week where people have been messaging me upon seeing the news about me leaving Singapore academia, the article about sex tech in the dutch gay mag winq, and the finale of my show in Turkey (and one person who saw multiple of these)!

Check out our video invite for more about dinacon 2! It's happening this summer! apply now!

Applications open for 2!
Join us in Gamboa, Panama, throughout August, 2019!
Apply here by Feb 15 (Feb 1-Priority): dinacon.org/apply

Open to Field Biologists, Interaction Designers, Hackers, Artists, and anyone interested in finding new ways to explore nature!

It's real tough to get out of a toxic situation, but I am really glad I did.

More information on the mass exodus of professors away from Singapore:


KOBA Closing Exhibition

January 30th – February 3rd 2019

After running an E-Textile Tailor Shop for a full year, we will close with an exhibit showcasing the commissions we realized, telling the stories of our customers as well as our own behind-the-scenes prototyping and production experiences.

E-Textile Tailor Shop for Wearable Technology in Berlin

>> kobakant.at/KOBA/closing-exhib

E-Stitches Berlin #4: Unusual E-Textile Techniques

Thursday January 24th 2019, 19:30 at KOBA Berlin

An evening of talks and discussion about less usual techniques such as: woven speakers, lasercut fur, pleated antennas, crochet solenoids….

>> kobakant.at/KOBA/e-stitches-be

It's technically my last day as a Professor (i quit it! yay!), but in a way, I was kind of hoping I would at least make it until I was denied tenure to share this article :)



First new niece + Uncle Andy photo!

@emilycrapnell has a cool kid!!

she's a good size to pack into the jungle

Upon leaving Singapore, a reflection my proudest moment as a professor-

A large delegation of visiting professors and students stopped by to visit from some Vietnamese universities. The head of their schools came up to me and said, "at first my students were confused when I told them that the man in the animal costume was in fact the professor running the event, but then I explained to them that, this is how they do things here in Singapore. They are much more free to be creative and explore."

Like the mighty queequeg, @well.read.panda discards her old coffin /cabinet. Hopefully it will float on somewhere else and buoy someone else up somehow :)

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