Now that all teens are on the internet, how are the English-as-second-language classes in school? Do kids know *more*?

"Endless desire is one of the pitfalls of human nature, and one of the first things you need to cure if you want to get ahead more quickly."

In the foreword, Mr. Money Mustache (what a name!) urges you to cut expensive hobbies: "With just a few of the more expensive 'true passions', you can lock up almost any lifetime's income..."

Book that I'm reading right now: "Your money or your life" by Vicki Robin. I'll try to put some highlights and quotes on this thread as they come up...

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I'm considering doing a kickstarter for pixelfed, help sustain it for another year. Even if I don't meet the goal, I'll still work on it when I can!

"Ich bin oft gescheitert, aber wenn etwas funktioniert hat, habe ich damit weitergemacht. Im Prinzip bin ich in alles reingescheitert. So will ich es auch in der Politik machen."

I read Stephen Pinker's "Enlightenment now!" and it was a brilliant book.

Over 500 pages, he argues that we should acknowledge how enlightenment and science has improved our lives over the past hundred years. Of course, this reads as an antithesis to modern populism that claims things are getting worse somehow...

The whole year, Ive planned to finally get my website up, aaaand... It's still but done. I just can't find a quiet day to get stuff done.

Adult life, I guess.

I haven't had time for the fediverse since several weeks because real life came in the way... That's a good thing, I guess?

PSA: Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free for some days. πŸ‘

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"I'd would be cool if there were more than 3 companies."

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Heh. The big black hole image papers were not published in Nature or Science, the glamour journals, but the workhorse Astrophysical Journal. LIGO did the same thing. The glamour journals feed an elitist view of science, but it's hard as a researcher or small research group to turn down the reputation bonus of publishing there. So it's good to see the big projects doing it.

I'm installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine right now. What for? I don't know.

This PhD position / for "Privacy-preserving Machine Learning" might be interesting for some of you on the fediverse...

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Software is trending in the wrong direction. Decreased transparency, centralisation, and proprietary monopolies.

In this article I describe the 5 ingredients to ethical software:

- open data
- open source
- distributed deployment
- decentralised hosting
- end to end encryption

Let's make software less about profit, and more about people again.

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OK I made a React app. A simple one, but it was a nice exercise β€” it parses and presents your fediverse profile.
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