I just learned there are several "Earth Flags", meant to represent our whole planet instead of individual nations...


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FΓΌr Netzpolitik habe ich die neuen Pur-Abos von Zeit Online, Spiegel Online und derStandard.at getestet. Zwei der Verlage tun sich offenbar sehr schwer mit dem Datenschutz.
Hier ein paar Highlights, die Abonnenten unbedingt wissen sollten.
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I've spent some time clearing up my feeds. I hope to read more news, and spend less time doing so by more consequently using .

"Linux Gaming FINALLY doesn't suck anymore"

Welp, this kinda makes me want to install Linux...


Guys, how to compress pdf files with software? Is ghostscript my only option?

"It’s tempting to reduce stamina down to a mantra. β€œNever give up,” or something like that. Unfortunately, it’s precisely because giving up sometimes makes sense that stamina is hard."


"Anyone who pays $30,000 per year to study psychology rather than plumbing is, in a partial sense, saying that prestige matters more to them than material comfort."


"It’s obvious to us that television is easier than algebra, so we don’t bother to ask why."

Boy, I'm excited to see where this blog post is going... scotthyoung.com/blog/2020/03/0

"If you see the cops, start recording" - wow, this headline from theverge.com is quite unequivocal.

"Don't belive everything you think" - Allan Lokos

This whole idea of "Build a Second Brain" via digital is really appealing to me. Are there any communites that I can dig?

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No matter how much you paid for a university ,right now , your academic course has became equivalent to a Coursera or a Udemy course .

Ok, so how has the current political situation in the US impacted so far?

" It’s striking that academic courses are often structured around textbooks, but lots of people spend the extra time and money to enroll in those coursesβ€”rather than just studying the textbooks independently. "

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"It would be nice if one could simply explain an idea clearly to someone, then trust that they’ve understood it."

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