Donald Trump's new social media page "Truth Social" is just a Mastodon instance, I can see it at a glance:

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I want a curated search engine. Not one where the index itself is curated, but where the set of domains that's actually indexed is curated. Only a tiny fraction of the web is actually useful, and the set of domains with useful stuff could easily be maintained by a small community.

‚Bezos is known as an especially abrasive leader, giving feedback such as “Are you lazy or incompetent?” “If I hear that idea again, I’m gonna have to kill myself,” and “Why are you wasting my life?“‘

During the industrial revolution, things got cheaper, and this higher quality goods were chosen for the same task, says this article. Good thought.

Sooo, I'm sorting all the links that I collected over the last year, and my backlog is at 114 articles. 😢

"Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points." - Kevin Kelly 👍

"In the video, the presumed future queen and king of the United Kingdom (also known as Kate Middleton and Kate Middleton’s husband) laugh and chat awkwardly in what looks like their home." 👍

I hope improving my bookmark-management brings my online life forward a bit. Sharing links across devices, saving interesting stories for later, and always having references at hand during conversations. No more "I think I've seen it on the internet somewhere..." 👍

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I don't have a webserver available, and thus can't try any of the nice stuff out there... I should change that! 😄

Some months ago, I switched to as bookmark manager, but it's pure garbage. I hate the reader view which destroys websites, I hate that it tries to make me a paying customer, and I hate that everything is slow.

I think I will switch to a barebones solution like :

"Healing grid" - Stare at the center of the grid for some seconds, and you'll see the outsides healing. NICE.

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Yep, this is indeed how I see the world with strong glasses... Orange and blue edges everywhere, due to chromatic abberation...

One of the things that make paid video-on-demand (, , etc) worth the money are subtitles. I really like subtitles, and pirated movies don't have any.

I stumbled upon this captivating story about a guy that's paid for doing nothing: "The Forgotten Employee":

I think this is announcing that they are counter-hacking the data forensics tool Cellebrite? 🤣

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