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there's really no good way of saying 'actually, i'm kind of a big deal on a federated social network'

People of the fediverse, this is the best editor for Android: iA Writer: You're welcome!

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@ale baaaasically. The issue here is "easy to verify RL identity" which causes stupid things like demanding telecom subjugation, Facebook accounts (really?), credit cards and in some cases - government papers.

Of these only the last 2 are close to being trustworthy as identity verification and RL association, but "phone numbers are easy" so.

We need a new approach that's designed for this purpose, and preferably non commercial.

They don't even use a mobile phone. 😐

I just remembered that I should be angry because it's late 2018 and I'm still not able to with my parents because they don't have a smartphone and there's no decent chat software that works without one.

I've not used the new gesture based navigation in yet, but this reads bad:

"In summary, Google has reduced the usability and information density of its multitasking without gaining much of anything"

The podcast also deals with the internet archive / wayback machine. Scary stuff, somehow. πŸ€”

Possible reasons for deleting your history: You get harassed, you don't want your opinions out there (any more), you want to present yourself for HR

Podcast about the question whether and why people delete their tweets. Relevant for as well, I guess.

I wonder why has become a platform to distribute press statements.

I finally saw "Solo - A Star Wars Story" and it was good! Very nice to learn about Chewie, Lando, the Falcon, and Hans background... The film ended with some kind of cliffhanger though. πŸ˜•

☝️ This could be help me getting rid of my laptop. If I really need something on-the-go, I put it on a USB stick and can access it via tablet. Awesome!

☝️ However, mounting the container is not possible with EDS lite, only access through the app.

I just found a USB-OTG adapter. I can now use sticks on my tablet! This is awesome!

Since I switched to reference manager some days ago, reading and learning is so much fun!

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So if you ever feel bad about a programming task taking longer than imagined, just remember that I spent an hour yesterday getting increasingly frustrated while trying to add a simple key handler to an app because I thought I was programming in Vala instead of JavaScript.

Also, don’t code when tired.

I want Tusky for Windows! This app is so much better than the mastodon web UI.

I still can't decide if I need a laptop or desktop PC.

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