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i do not. i highlight the syntax myself in my own mind.
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One of the most important things to know if you're migrating here from Twitter is that simply liking a post does NOT cause it to show up in anyone else's timeline. That only happens if you actually boost ("RT") the post.

This is especially important when creators you care about are trying to get the word out about their work. It is unbelievably disheartening to send out something important (like a Kickstarter link) and see everybody like it but nobody boost it.


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Ok I broke the total isolation with my summer fling. A friend of mine contacted them on Facebook (thanks friends with facebook accounts !)

I feel relieved

Also, I managed to create a partitions table and the file systems on the partitions in my vm

Soon it will be a proper GuixSD installation

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We now have a custom emoji for the superiour siege weapon: :trebuchet:

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@IlyaShebalin @Gargron @parasurv Do keep in mind that some people's very existence is political, though. A trans person trying to go to the bathroom, for example. Being able to ignore politics is something of a privilege. For a lot of people, even if they ignore politics, politics certainly isn't going to ignore them.

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Periodic reminder that there is $200+ available for @Gargron to implement long-post collapsing, as well as a patch which already does this.

I worked out the math, at 5 minutes to merge the pre-existing patch, that works out to an effective wage of $2400/hour.

$2400/hour! Just to merge a damn patch!
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can anyone who's ever been on mastodon before confirm that people just began shitposting on here literally just today

As an assessment of the general feeling here: Does *everyone* prefer chronological timelines over different sorting techniques?

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"just realized I wasn’t in prison long enough for half life 3 to come out" --Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning shitposts better than any multi-million-follower 'thoughtleader' longforms. Respect.

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"but how would we know people wont just steal everything from stores" says the capitalist as she scans every item for purchase at the self service

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My wife: I dreamt that you tried to outlaw the concept of sandwiches. You went to court and everything.

Me: Sounds like something I'd do.
[5 second pause]
Court is a type of sandwich.

My wife: It's okay to not be you.

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we need to improve the UX of mastodon to better fit the mental model of how it actually works

For reference:

"None of these changes fundamentally ruin Tweetbot, but they certainly make the app less useful."

People are angry with right now, they might be inclined to try out .

I'm reading much about Tweetbot and the API today. Any chance to include in these news?

"This couldn't have happened if Twitter was open source..."

Best app for ? I need to locate and orient myself during hiking.

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Federated services are good and there are many use cases for it. :blobcheer:

However, some people tell you over and over again that federation automatically implies more security and privacy.

We discuss these myths: πŸ”Ž

#federation #security #privacy

I've done no preparation so far and I don't know how much energy I should put into:
- Language learning (not necessary for work)
- Search for accommodation
- Administrative stuff

I'll move from Germany to ()! πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡³πŸ‡± 🚲 πŸ§€

Is anyone from Groningen on this network? Advice?

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