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☝️ "You could see a lot of jaws dropping. That’s not a strategy — that’s just hoping things don’t go bad.”

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☝️ "Employees worry that, should Signal fail to build policies and enforcement mechanisms to identify and remove bad actors, the fallout could bring more negative attention to encryption technologies from regulators at a time when their existence is threatened around the world."

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Occasionally, stories in "Humans of New York" make me cry a little:

They have an feed, I highly recommend subscribing to it. It reminds me of what's important in life. 🙂

I found a nice article on covert contracts:

Work: “If I review your code quickly then you’ll make it a priority to review mine.”
Parenting: “If we do a fun craft then you won’t pitch a hissy fit when I say no candy afterwards.”
Friendships: “If I don’t make fun of your weight then you won’t make fun of my height.”

Recordings of an - meeting that inexplicably also feature a guy preparing tea with a leather boot...?! (0:50) 👢

question: Governments can still try to take down individual nodes, just like they go after regular servers and nodes, right?

Hey , remember to posts that you like to give them some visibility! 🎉

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Sad to see how duolingo collects more and more ads and gets premium in your face.
I get it, they need money to stay alive but it's more than 6€ a month for yearly which is way more than it should be IMO. I should probably deduce 30% for Google/Apple tho.
Language learning is always expensive, I get it but with community-prepared courses and not super high quality lessons (for the most part) I can't justify it in any way.

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There's a LibreLingo and we should probably help it.

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Hilarious: "Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s refusal to allow their Secret Service detail to use any of the bathrooms in their home forced the agents to look elsewhere in the neighborhood"

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"The dirty secret is that there are two pandemics. While a quarter of America is food insecure and behind on rent, the shareholder class has experienced an explosion in net worth and spends less time commuting, more time with family and Netflix. "

- Scott Galloway on

PSA: Star Wars Battlefront 2 is currently available for free in the Games store! 🎮

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