"Why are the media always lying to us?" - , joining the fake-news-movement

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"The sponge is wearing square pants." - , teaching me about

"The size of my hands does not say anything about the size of other body parts." - , having insecurities

"My crazy uncle says that the world is flat" - , having conspiracy theorists in its family

Tried to install Jami on my parents PC, I failed. We'll keep using instead.

"Fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate." - , teaching me the ways of the Jedi

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It annoys me just a little bit, because there is that what if in my head which is what if Sony did get their hands on an SOC that could run console quality graphics as early as 2010 to put in their Vitas by 2012? The story would have been incredibly different, and I think the same would have been true of the Wii U if Nintendo had such powerful SOCs then too

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On prophecies of doom 

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Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the :


I'd like to know more about the "quantified-self movement". Is anyone into this?

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Vor ein paar Wochen fuhr die Dampflok auf der Ringbahn in Berlin. Gestern der Diesel-ICE auf der Neustrelitzer Straßenbahn.

Scheinbar fahren alle die gleiche Spurbreite. (Bis auf z.B. einige U-Bahnen in Berlin.)

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Gestern, 13.10.2019, war der advanced Trainlab, Diesel-ICE 605 017, auf der Neustrelitzer Hafenbahn unterwegs

It's over a year since I joined , so I can ask again: Will there be lists / circles at some point?

Welche bietet denn ein akzeptables Konzept fΓΌr authentifizierung im online banking? Bei der herrscht jetzt quasi App-Pflicht, aber die proprietΓ€re App macht gleichzeitig alle KontoaktivitΓ€ten auf dem Handy verfΓΌgbar...

All the differen scripts that the website embeds: facebook, google, perimeterx, stripe. I block everything, no problem.

"How many engineers do you need to change a lightbulb?" - , making me curious about the punchline

I tend to accept that my phone is my primary computer, and should habe highest security standards... I thus really think about switching to an next...

"Nearly every country in the world found itself in a similar bind: its citizens outraged, its government complicit."

"The year 2016 was a landmark in tech history, the first year since the invention of the Internet that more Web traffic was encrypted than unencrypted."

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