I'd like to develop personally. Has someone of you a mentor? Experiences / advices?


@jankoekepan What's the process of getting a ? Should I just go to someone suitable and ask? I guess I'm afraid that people are not acquainted with the whole mentor / mentee idea here in Germany...

@hinterwaeldler Meinetwegen haengt es ab davon was genau Du lernen moechtest. Leider bedeutet "Lehrling" etwas ein bisschen anders.

@hinterwaeldler Depending on what you wish to learn, you could start by identifying someone who exemplifies those skills and then simply asking them over dinner, or a couple of beers, or something.

@jankoekepan That requires some courage though, and I'll have to clearly articulate what I want from the mentor.

However, both are propably good first steps for personal development. 😃👍

@hinterwaeldler No problem.

It often helps you to look more serious if you can go to Herr Mentor and just say something like: I would like the benefit of your experience. I have a problem where I don't think that I'm getting the advancement in my career (for example) in the direction that I want. Would you care to help with a word or two?

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