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I just got explained the EU political system by a youtube video. I guess it's 2019.

"Jony Ive, the man most often credited with Apple’s visual, industrial, and product design, is leaving the company. He leaves a legacy of pushing its products toward disposability and unrepairability..."

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Weird how in the '90s and '00s all Silicon Valley talked about was disintermediation. And now all Silicon Valley does is intermediate. We're nothing but parasites. And yes, this includes Apple, who are parasites on app developers.

On being poor: "As modestly as we lived at home, I never felt poor because our lives were so rich with experience. We were always out doing something, going somewhere."

On building a house (= upgrading a shanty):

"Over time, you'd save up money and build a brick wall. One wall. Then you'd save up and build another wall."

"My grandmother always told me that she loved my prayers. She believed my prayers were more powerful, because I prayed in English. Everyone knows that Jesus, who's white, speaks English. The bible is in English. Yes, the Bible was not *written* in English, but the Bible came to South Africa in English so to us it's in English."

On black townships in Johannesburg: "Soweto was designed to be bombed - that's how forward-thinking the architects of apartheid were. The township was a city unto itself, with a population of nearly one million. There were only two roads in and out. That was so the military could lock us in, quell any rebellion."

"The triumph of democracy over apartheid is sometimes called the Bloodless Revolution. It is called that because very little white blood was spilled. Black blood ran in the streets."

Now reading: "Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood" by Trevor Noah.

Once, I read a biography of Jony Ive. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Interesting to see he east-west-difference. The population is growing in the west, and decreasing in the east, essentially since the war:

I just heard this argument:

mining requires cheap energy --> the used energy is not very valuable in the first place --> mining is not as wasteful as we think.


Are people not annoyed that saving a is so complicated? über Jared Kushner: "Der Effekt, so Goldberg, 'verleitet inkompetente Personen dazu, ihre Fähigkeiten zu überschätzen, weil sie nicht verstehen, wie viel sie nicht wissen'."

"Build a system for getting 1% better every day" sure sounds great. "Atomic habits" might be a book I'm interested in.

Can I put the rel="me" on any part of my website, or does it have to be on the HOME-page?

Does anyone, by chance, know if I can set my profile to private (only logged in people find it), but still use a custom URL à la "

I got 43 GB on my phone. Collected over 2 years, never deleted after listening.

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