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From what I understand does not encrypt message recipient and sender. Any idea why that's the case? As it is centralized, I'd think it could encrypt the recipient when the message is sent to the server and encrypt the sender in the message sent from the sender to the recipient.


Some people just want to see the world burn

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// hey folks! Bandcamp just announced they gonna make a "free of charges" day, each first friday of the month (for at least three more months), starting this week:

[ ]

// thanks to them, and you all, for supporting artists in these tough times for the industry <3

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Is there a Nitter/Newpipe-like service for Facebook? I mean a website through which you can access Facebook posts which is not Facebook.

Safari, Adblock 

Hey, I wanted to instal µblock Origin for someone who uses Safari on MacOS but it seems the plug-in does not exist. If some people here use Safari, which ad blocker do you have? There was µblock but it didn't feel trustworthy. Also someone recommended nextdns, is it easy to handle?

Demonstration April 7 

So the idea for April 7 is to demonstrate online: flood social media with political content related to the catastrophic handling of the crisis by our governments and a common hashtag. Any idea for a hashtag?

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Jitsi is getting a lot of mentions here.

I wonder if people are aware of GNU Jami, a P2P solution.

Jami has end-to-end encryption while Jitsi is only encrypted during transit. The Jitsi server has your packets available in unencrypted form. If you can't trust a Jitsi server and need end-to-end encryption, Jami can be a good alternative.

#Jitsi #Jami #e2ee

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Is that the best use of tech in these dark times?
Tracking people's location data...
Even based on opt-in, these would open doors to massive surveillance... and we all know how this ends... never well.

re : Covid 

By collectively I mean talk about it in your trades union, about how unsafe it will be to go to work for you once the epidemic hits your country and how to apply your right to stay alive.

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Funny how everyone on my french account timeline is while here it's still an everyday timeline. Is there no pandemic where you people live? If it hasn't arrived yet you might want to get ready (just mentally and collectively, don't panic and do groceries for three years, that doesn't make sense).

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NewPipe, Peertube 

@hippolyte swipe the left panel and choose "FramaTube (beta)"

NewPipe, Peertube 

I don't really understand how to watch videos on , is it explained somewhere on the internet?

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the revolution won't happen on fedi 

the fediverse is a great way to share information, talk to comrades, make amazing shitposts, and inspire others. But unless we are out there, in the streets, it won't do much. A cool story from Hyperlink won't put food on someone's plate, but Food Not Bombs will.

So get out there! Do that black wave thing! throw bricks at cops! do something to really make effective change!

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#YoMigroAMastodon or "I Migrate to Mastodon" is the top trending Twitter hashtag right now in Spain, and number 37 worldwide, following more censorship of leftist content and suspension of accounts on birdsite.

Give it another few years, folks, and Twitter will be dead. They can't keep playing this game much longer. Their top trending hashtag on their own platform is one that promotes moving away from the platform, as a result of their own actions. That's... incredibly bad.

Let's show our support for our Spanish comrades, and help them find a home on the Fediverse. It's important that the transition from Twitter isn't temporary.


Muestremos nuestro apoyo a nuestros camaradas españoles y ayúdelos a encontrar un hogar en Fediverse. Es importante que la transición de Twitter no sea temporal.

Vaya a estas URL para obtener más información y obtener ayuda sobre cómo migrar:


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So, yesterday, a decree was passed to remove regulations on bus drivers' obligation to sleep between two trips.

Which means I won't be able to take the bus to come back from my grandparents' house during Christmas holidays without risking my life.

Cool cool cool.

Software recomandation 

Would someone have a free to recommand to take notes during a meeting? Easier to use than Writer but with more functionalities than

Please don't say "LaTex", I'll block you

Environment disaster, capitalism 

Once more, "ecologic" measures taken by the most polluting companies are just marketing strategies devoid of any actual meaning...

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Nationalism, venting, cursing 

TFW you have to prove your nationality to work, by digging centuries old archives, even though you already proved you were born in this fucking country and both your parents are narionals, because the state is obsessed with blood and the administration's goal is to deter anyone (racialised people especially) from following procedures.

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