What's your favorite way of publicly sharing a long post that would take dozens of toots to write on mastodon? maybe?

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@hippolyte @switchingsocial I usually write the long post on my blog and link to it.

@hippolyte @switchingsocial If you don't want to register a blog, but just share a large post, here is a comparison of anonymous (as in, no registration required) services:

Agree ... Diaspora*

@hippolyte ... or, like me, get an account on ... the character limit on there is like 65.000 ...

@iLikeAltitude oh wow, but I guess people on mastodon don't want their feed to be flooded with superlong posts. This being said, you can always put cw on your long posts.

I tried Diaspora* before discovering mastodon, but there were a few things I disliked. First, chronological order with long posts is annoying, you're flooded with stuff you don't care about, and also I didn't like the community I managed to get into on this software, but that may just be bad luck.

Many Pleroma instances allow posts of up to several thousand characters.

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