tech, fashPol 

tech, fashPol 

everyone when its time to leave work: i'll head home soon, just want to take care of a few things


here please take this gay shit #fe3h

in my head it is postgame and they are going to fhirdiad for politics reasons and stopped for the day and ferdinand decided it was music time.

vid on him bringing his friend to talk that got fired for knowing him/"selling information" to him but they had no evidence of the latter


there’s a youtuber named Camelot331 and he’s exposing the fuck out of gamestop with actual evidence and previous/current employees dming him on twitter telling all about the shady shit they’re being forced to do or they’re fired

there's like 5+ hours of stuff he has on everything. video i just finished explaining this:

My name is Akhila and I'm a translator & counsellor. I love reading, handicrafts and any time spent near the sea.

I've discovered such nuanced and incredibly knowledgeable views on a wealth of subjects, earlier on birdsite and now here! Thank you to everyone who's so generous with their knowledge! <3

I feel relief and gratitude for the solidarity against bigotry of every stripe that I find here and have learnt a lot about how we can combat 'hatred as policy'!
#India #introduction

hey so, can anyone recommend any dating apps that would reasonably facilitate a trans girl wanting to meet with a masc person without said trans girl being constantly terrified and/or having to deal with transphobia?

liberal solutions to climate change and ecological breakdown are all shit like ending food waste by eating the salty crumbs at the bottom of a chip bag

*Mastodon meme comes out*
User: this meme sucks actually

It happens every time

i just tried to play megalovania in this target but the cat keyboard was out of batteries

im able to say ass in french thanks to a car commercial, this makes me sophisticated

hey everyone i'm launching the hashtag #sexyswampcreaturesunday to celebrate the absolutely gorgeous swamp creatures in our community online! if you're a swamp creature please use the #sexyswampcreaturesunday to celebrate how cool and hot we #swampcreatures are!!

not a cell phone in sight. just living in the moment. absolutely beautiful

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