Blacula and the King of Cartoons were played by the same actor

The idea that the universe is a simulation just does not interest us whatsoever.

It's like wondering if the sky is actually pink, but we have messed up retinas, or something

It's not something that's going to affect science in any meaninful capacity, it's not something that affects our understanding of the universe in any meaningful capacity.

It's literally just "a few computer scientists got high and started writing down their ideas, one of them was "ice cream in trousers to keep your nuts cool" and the othe happened to be "the universe is a simulation"

For the past three nights, thousands across the US have faced down far-Right militias, the National Guard, heavily armed riot police, and deadly vigilantes to take the streets in solidarity with #BreonnaTaylor. Check out our roundup and analysis here.


i think one thing white people dont realise is how little representation us italian americans get in popular media

i may or may not have knitted a tail warmer for a cat who had his tail shaved for an operation. accusations are unfounded at this stage

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if emperors new clothes was made in the 2010s it would be called emperors new swag which has a cool double meaning

my favorite part of yugioh is how Yugi can make anything legal as long as he thinks it should be legal

hey! a comrade who was assaulted by a police officer while being held in custody for a nonviolent protest last year!

"spoons" livestreamed his protest against the state and fossil fuel industries from the top of a coal train. he was denied bail, held in custody for 4 days, and assaulted by an officer. he desperately needs help in paying legal fees.

I know with everything going on things are a lot but anything helps.

the crowdfunding link:

why yes, I do run a Mastodon instance, how could you tell?


H.E.L.P. Day #10 - We are giving away $500 to three people for 100 days. To enter: retweet and respond with your PayPal me link. The winners will be randomly selected in 24 hours and announced then. We hope this reaches some of you in your time of need. -E&H






If you’re wondering why it’s taking so long for your $1200 check to come it’s because the ruling elite need you hungry and desperate enough to go back to work and “re-open” America in the middle of a plague.



New York announced today that a random sampling of antibody tests indicates up to 13.9% of their population has had COVID-19.

I did the math, that's 2.7 million people in NY alone.

The total number of confirmed cases in the US is only 850k.


@melt what 😳 if 😳 we 😳 were 😳 both 😳 online 😳😳😳

computer analysed languagee and complained about Computer. the word's not right. it wants to be called the Number Worm

We're just over $1k away from :DANCEDANCEDANCE: $25,000 :DANCEDANCEDANCE: in redistribution! 😱

Let's get there!

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