i just sacrificed my latex installation for a sensible font-config

finally seing the point of why you'd want "desktop" apps packaged as snap or flatpak

imagine if i could install texlive-latex & pandoc from those AND make them cooperate…

(i have a "workaround" for pandoc being a pain to install, which is, using cabal-sandbox… but there's no font-sandbox for texlive-latex!!)

i have managed to configure my system to use blob emoji everywhere… (by removing all DejaVu* fonts 🙄)

…everywhere except, whatsapp and firefox and slack and discord and tweetdeck 🤕

"fixed" firefox by overwriting /usr/lib/firefox/fonts/TwemojiMozilla.ttf

but that doesn't fix github >_>
i also bet that i'll have to do this with all electron apps…

but igor, why are you so obsessed with emoji??

imagine someone sends you heartfelt message (containing emoji) and all you can think of is, wow this looks ugly and offensive

i just wish words just could express the same thing as a cat making kissy face, but they can't, so we have to use emoji

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