i'm using this extension for stripping tracking URL apendages: github.com/jparise/chrome-utm-

is there an equivalent for transforming AMP URLs?

@hirojin Pretty sure I've seen someone link to one but I don't remember where it was… 😅

@sajith @hirojin @jamey

"The extension can be especially useful if you receive links from people who’re on their mobile devices while you’re on your desktop computer."

*adds this to their mobile Firefox*

@hirojin @jamey
Apparently that AMP stripper only works on the desktop. Is there a tracking url stripper for Firefox as well? Preferably both should work on Android and desktop 🙂

@sajith @jamey @RyuKurisu i already linked the tracking URL stripper, github.com/jparise/chrome-utm- i think it works on mobile??! plz send me awful links here (amp & tracking), and i'll try to see what it's doing

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