okay! i created a new professional account: @hirojin

i've done my export here, and will slowly re-follow you all

@varjmes some people cw super long posts

either not to overwhelm someone's feed, or… well, people who have dyslexia lol

@nolan github.com/ramboxapp/community interestingly, one of my accounts (under the Ozark theme) still exhibits that behaviour… a little bit. it's weird.

one of the build tools seems to switch the branch… what a bundle of joy, especially since i didn't notice, so i probably replicated a lot of the work that i was just trying to build upon 🙄

ho yeah! i have a new Rambox version with a bleeding edge electron version! with a bleeding edge chromium (66) version

building software on solaris, freebsd and aix has *nothing* on building an electron project

i just spent an hour just getting the build tools and the dependencies in place

amount of times i accidentally rebooted my phone while shopping vs amount of times i rebooted it on purpose while flashing a new rom:

∞ vs 2


@velartrill i have a phd in ruby and still haven't dared trying to install masto cuz i know I'll hit extremely stupid bugs, try to fix them, and then die the death of a million papercuts when submitting my fixes

update: i had to update TWRP to update LineageOS, but it no longer works automatically, because of… reasons?

next step: fix my IRC app so i can ask this question in and be called stupid.

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