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If having a coffee in the morning doesn't wake you up, try deleting a table in a production database instead.

(i have a "workaround" for pandoc being a pain to install, which is, using cabal-sandbox… but there's no font-sandbox for texlive-latex!!)

i just sacrificed my latex installation for a sensible font-config

finally seing the point of why you'd want "desktop" apps packaged as snap or flatpak

imagine if i could install texlive-latex & pandoc from those AND make them cooperate…

…i'm too old to customize my editor, desktop environment or shell.

that's literally the reason i use spacevim/spacemacs/vscode, KDE, and fish.

now i know what some of you might say: How come i'm not using OS X then? — i'm afraid i was too poor to have been able to aford macbooks when they were still good,

i just tried to explain this to @cursesgalore and she goes, "i can't believe it's not BSD"


Berkley STANDARD Distribution

now available in four incompatible flavours

@ticky hi

is this your tech account or your gay account or your both account

- so, does your project have unit tests?

- nah, but we quickcheck the entire system, and once we realised that literally nothing works, we thought its kinda pointless to write unit tests.

i wish there was a painless way to persist ponysay output to png…

$ modinfo zfs

wow that's a lot of parameters

modinfo zfs | grep -c 'param:'


*looks again*

modinfo zfs | grep -c 'parm:'

of course… why would you add a second a there

(or it might be android doing android things! who knows… i might know in a few minutes when i have the signal beta installed)

reading this issue, and starting to think it's just chromium's cache doing chromium's cache things, i.e.: being perfectly non-derterministic…

how do i tell -desktop to not load 500 messages on startup?

it takes forever to start, when all i want is send one message and close it again

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