My top listens this week: The Staves (26), The Cars (18), Kendrick Lamar (16), American Football (12), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (10), The Staves & yMusic (10)

Seeing work his magic in the latest Gymkhana makes me really want to race again.

It’s been years since my 3 month stint in California, but I still think about this Afghani restaurant every time I think of San Francisco. The best food I had in California.

If you get lucky enough to get a WWDC ticket, this is a must eat!

Do I have too many menu bar apps? Nah. I usually have them wrangled in with anyway.

Status: Fighting an authentication library that doesn’t behave like it should.

I'll be working on an app that allows users to do basic computer tasks without the need for IT intervention. As someone who's been both a user and an IT administrator, getting the chance to help both parties makes my heart sing!

👨🏻‍💻 Exciting Job News: Next week, I'll be starting a new job as an iOS and macOS developer at!

Jamf is a company I've admired for a long time, and I'm grateful for the chance to do work that I truly believe in.

I ordered new glasses from on Saturday, and asked for rush shipping, and they're arriving *today* from California. How do they custom make glasses and ship them so fast, even over a Sunday when mail doesn't deliver??

My top listens this week: Aceyalone (20), Ithaca (19), American Football (18), Talk Talk (15), Pig Destroyer (14), Solange (14)

Wow, I’m surprised everyone got this wrong. Walter Skinner is the obvious correct choice.

Wow, I’m surprised everyone got it wrong by not choosing Walter Skinner.

Welp, I lost my first match 😢

I didn’t do terribly though, just not good enough.

And if you’re curious, I’ll be competing as Bowser. I almost chose Donkey Kong, but Bowser’s fighting style just makes a little more sense to me.

I’m competing in an online Super Smash Bros tournament today!

I haven’t played it competitively in years, so I fully expect to lose quickly, but I’m hoping I can win at least one match.

Does the Starship Enterprise ever have to get software updates?

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