I unfortunately had to revert back to Clover for the time being, due to some strange issues with iCloud. Possibly related to the networking driver, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to attempt it again soon. 😞

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to tell within an Xcode build phase script if the current build is being done via Fastlane? Is there an environment variable to check or something? I’d like to change the script’s behavior if it’s running via Fastlane. cc @joshdholtz

The fact that Evernote had a native Mac app was one of the reasons I’d stuck with it this long, despite the lack of updates and small issues. This though, is the final straw. Looks like I’ll be searching for a new notes home. Probably Bear or Apple’s Notes.

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I just found out that Evernote updated their app, for the first time in 10 months. I’m like, “Great! A major update to a Mac app I thought was long forgotten!”

I installed the update to find that it’s now an Electron version of their web UI. 😞

For what it’s worth, a good chunk of that time was fixing a dumb mistake I made by putting Ubuntu on a flash drive and booting from that to edit the boot settings file.

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It took about 8 hours of work and troubleshooting, but today I managed to migrate my hackintosh’s bootloader from Clover to OpenCore.

Big thanks to @isaiah for pointing me to the right guides, and for moral support.

Phew, I fixed it by reverting to r5122. Thank goodness my Windows partition still worked.

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Welp, the latest Clover update (5.1 r5124) borked my hackintosh install. I think I’m just going to jump ship and move to OpenCore.

I’ve been listening heavily to @Machine_Drum’s new album “A View of U”. It’s fantastic.

Especially don’t miss track 3, “Kane Train” featuring @FreddieGibbs. Amazing.

Bandcamp: machinedrum.bandcamp.com/album

Elsewhere: album.link/us/i/1523827304

A tip for watching the upcoming debates: Watch it on C-SPAN’s YouTube stream. C-SPAN streams JUST the debate itself (no commentary before or after), and YouTube definitely knows how to reliably stream video, so it’s less likely there will be video issues. youtube.com/c/C-SPAN

lol, I spoke too soon. Looks like I borked something. Good thing I did a backup!

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I successfully fixed an issue with my Plex library by manually editing the sqlite database tonight. It was a real nail biter honestly. I didn’t want to muck about in there, but there was no other way!

Idea: A movie-themed barbershop

• Like the sports-themed ones, but it plays movies instead of sports

• Showtimes would be listed when you schedule appointments online

• You could get theater concessions (popcorn, candy, soda)

• Call it “Director’s Cut” or something

Just spent 4 hours building some new music playlists, and I am *stoked* to listen to them.

I’d care way more about settings correct genre tags in my music library if iTunes/Music could handle comma separated lists. Having just a single genre for music is not nearly granular enough.

I recently got turned onto the band Kowloon Walled City (@kowloonwalled), and have been listening to their album “Container Ships” A LOT this week. Some excellent sludgey noise rock.

Bandcamp: <kowloonwalledcity.bandcamp.com>

Elsewhere: <album.link/i/575212360>

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