Please allow me one moment to show off my cute baby. I realized I didn’t have any good pictures of Henry smiling, so I got a picture of him this morning. 😍

It's definitely a system alert. The battery charging indicator changes based on what you select. If you select "Emergency Override", then it allows charging to happen, and the charging indicator turns green with the lightning bolt. If you hit "Dismiss", the indicator stays black.

Well I’ve never seen thus warning before. Is this new in iOS 13?

Due to the recent tumblr acquisition news, I’d like to dip my toe back into the service. What are your favorite tumblr blogs that I should check out?

My top listens this week: Soulkeeper (16), Horse Jumper of Love (11), Chris Staples (10), Julia Shapiro (10), WVRM (10), Built to Spill (8)

Currently playing Bomberman 64 for the first time in probably 20 years. Thanks emulators!

This has been a ridiculous process, especially because of the huge lack of APIs WKWebView has compared to the old WebView. WebView makes things SO much easier. I had to write a ton of custom code just to make WKWebView do the same things WebView does out of the box.

I've spent the last two weeks migrating a simple WebView to WKWebView in our macOS app due to an issue in Catalina. Now that I've finished, it works fine in Catalina, but is broken in pre-Catalina macOS versions. So I guess I'll just inject one or the other depending on what OS?

I’m stoked about Tumblr being bought by Automattic. They’ll be great stewards of the service, and hopefully move it forward. It’s languished ever since the Yahoo! acquisition.

My top listens this week: Radiohead (20), Slow Mass (17), WVRM (15), Atoms for Peace (9), Bon Iver (7), Soulkeeper (5)

I’ve never heard anything like it, and believe me, I’ve looked.

I have a very vivid picture of 55 year old Isaac fronting a Slowcore meets Sonic Youth band in cargo shorts and a crew neck sweater.

Every time I go to a rock show, I can’t help but leave wanting to start a rock band. Maybe someday it’ll finally happen.

Serious question: Is a ban on assault weapons something that could be passed at a state level?

Have any of you attended CES? I’ve had a long-standing dream of attending someday, mainly to see all the weird gadgets in the sideshow areas. Is it worth going to?

Where is the for house repairs?

My top listens this week: Sonic Youth (18), The Staves (14), Whitney (10), Thou (9), Horse Jumper of Love (8), Drake (6)

Past meals include:

• Pork stew
• Chili
• Tamales

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