Becca is so goddamned good at dyeing yarns. Most of the time she disappears into the kitchen, it smells of citric acid for like 8 hours, and she emerges with this amazing stuff.

@mood I'm eternally amazed at the things she makes, better every time!

@lilletale Yep! She does her best to keep things as eco-friendly as she can (she also just hates superwash in general...)

@meet_judith @welshpixie Thank you for your kind words, I'm sharing all these comments with her :D

@hiscursedness @meet_judith Is she on Masto and if not why not? Lots of yarnies here would love her posts :D

@welshpixie @meet_judith She *technically is* at @beccabadger but she kinda set it up and then forgot to use it :(

@welshpixie @hiscursedness @meet_judith Thank you! When I set this up however long ago I didn't find many yarnies, so it's nice to know there are some here!

@faho @beccabadger @welshpixie i do like yarn, but maybe not in the same way all of you do :ball_of_yarn: :blobcatreach:

@beccabadger @welshpixie so hey there, I’m one of them. Nice to meet you. 👋

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