The email address is "" and there's a lot to unpack there

@hiscursedness It's like the alternate version of that song "Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist".

@hiscursedness You have truly arrived in your 30s when your prostate becomes a thing of interest

@hiscursedness Nicholas I have recorded myself saying "honk" in multiple versions today, I don't believe I can possibly live any more than I am already doing.

@faho Imagine if you were stimulating your prostate while you did that tho

@hiscursedness Do me a favor: Go to Talia's mod chat.

The one where it says "DO NOT"? You, you go right ahead and do.

@hiscursedness I just got this email not too long ago. I sat here like "oh?"

Image description 

(A preview of an email.) From "Your pee" Subject "_Verification_" text "Your Prostate is the Size Of A Lemon"

@hiscursedness its really the every-word-has-a-capital thing going on with the message preview that does it for me

@hiscursedness really gives it that "creepy dude whispering to you up close"

@avie Oh god, my lemon-sized prostate is right behind me, isn't it?

lewd? I don't even know 

@hiscursedness lemon prostate: verified.

lewd? I don't even know 

@Anarkat It's how you get a blue check on Twitter

re: lewd? I don't even know 

@hiscursedness I thought it was how you got an account on FarmersOnly

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