wish software would stop updating tbh. most software is done

@jk this is a great side effect if running our own Linux distro and not having enough volunteers: very little updates :D (the only thing that auto updates in my machine is Firefox, due to security reasons). anything else I leave as is unless I need something new. I ran the same kernel for over 5 years.

@hisham_hm isnt that insecure though??? I’m sure if I tried to do that lots of Security Fans would show up and tell me im doing the wrong thing!!

@jk supposedly yes — I don't recommend it for running a server, obviously. but for a user machine the attack vector is essentially the browser. plus, using a crazy non-standard distro like means the script-kiddie stuff probably doesn't even work out of the box (granted, that latter point is sort of security by obscurity)

Software is never done. There's always another bug to be found.

@zash often because the world around it keeps changing!

@hishamhm Indeed. <insert xkcd reference> "the requirements have changed"
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