Don't you ever think that open source software activism is not a "real world" issue

"Hospitals Need to Repair Ventilators. Manufacturers Are Making That Impossible"

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@hisham_hm I believe the dear old NHS is paying quite a lot of money for continued security patches to for XP...

@shpuld @hisham_hm Without having read the details, I can't give a targetted response, but it should be possible for the FDA to certify that specific components from specific manufacturers used in repairs are equivalent in function to the original equipment manufacturer's components. They are not currently set up for this (given how lightly they inspect some of the food processing facilities), and they won't be during this pandemic. But they should and could do so, just as they certify generic versions of pharmaceuticals.

@hisham_hm one of those examples where the "Free" in "Free Software" really matters


This is good for arguing with people on the "open source" side of the FOSS eternal debate; and with people who say that licensing debates are a waste of time and want to "just use the software" that happened to fall off the back of a truck.

@hisham_hm i did not think right of repair would affect medical equipment

i mean, medical operations are like a war zone, you need the people using the equipment to be able to debug and repair them

you can't fly in an engineer from somewhere into a war zone to debug and repair life saving equipment, and you can't fly in an engineer into a potentially contaminated hospital to do that either

@hisham_hm it's a timing and locality issue, and if a vendor isn't in your side, they are putting you and the people you're trying to protect / save in serious danger

@hirojin Good points. Still, a lot of the right to repair is locked down via software, and issues are often software issues. Ability to do firmware upgrades is an integral part of right to repair IMO, and is also connected to FOSS

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