Day 8364 of quarantine:

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Giuliano and I used to play together in a band, and we played a bunch of Dream Theater covers (I was in college and had the time and will to practice my ass off, because those guys were soooo much more skilled than me! it was an amazing learning experience!)

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A few years ago I found this video of Giuliano covering DT's instrumental "Erotomania", a song that we never got around to play together, and I ALWAYS wanted to do a virtual collab on that (especially since both of us were living pretty far from each other).

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So I figured: NOW must be the perfect time to do this. I'm not nearly at the level I was then, so I had to practice this on-and-off for like 3 weeks to get to what you see here confidently — which is not without its hiccups, but hey, I messed up all the time in those days too! :)

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So here's me playing the same Roland RS5 from those days! (all sounds are from the RS5, no MIDI involved) and Giuliano is killin' it as always on drums.

(Guiliano's original video had the original backing track at a low volume so that's the other instruments you're hearing)

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Perhaps the other guys from the old band will get inspired watching this and add the other parts at some point? :)

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