Brazilian here, can confirm we use the second one!


Tally marks. Turns out people around the world count differently to five when taking notes. I had no idea. Source:


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@hisham_hm Korea uses the one on the far left too but the middle one is news to me, it actually looks really nice! Not sure I could resist the urge to fill in the other diagonal line, though.

@ljwrites @hisham_hm this led me to read up on tally marks, and there is a version of that second one that goes up to ten. Ends up looking the same with two diagonal lines.
First you start with dots on all corners, up to four, then lines between those to form the square, up to 8, then a cross, to go to 10.

@hisham_hm Interesting that everyone's tallying to 5 though...

To be honest, the only times I've ever seen tally marks (the first one) is in tv cartoons and in comics when the "hero" is in prison or on a desert island and is counting days. Never seen the others.

@hisham_hm I'm in the UK and both of the first 2 (ltr) are pretty common.

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