I just uploaded the video for my talk at the Declarative and Minimalistic Languages dev room: "What's next for Teal, the typed dialect of Lua"

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@hisham_hm DAMMIT!

I swear, the first time you said your name, I heard "Isham" and the second "Hisham" (with hard "H").

I'll never learn how to pronounce your name correctly this way! :(

@hisham_hm what a greatful surprise. I use htop everyday and many times i said to myself, the person that programmed this is a genius (i think the same about other software programs too, but htop is definetly one of them), and it was you in the fediverse all the time. It is a pleasure to have you around here. A couple of months ago i even posted about recycling an old tablet into an htop server monitor... cheers!

@LienRag discoverability. It will be available soon on as well

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