Remember extras in DVDs? Director's commentary, deleted scenes, etc. Where did it all go in the age of streaming?

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@hisham_hm That's one reason I've held on to mine, and will purchase for movies I really like. Also, remember when ultraviolet went away?

@hisham_hm To the same place that owning and controlling your media went, ofc 😆

@hisham_hm hmm, good question. I have seen alternative audio tracks, but they have been audio description tracks, different languages, and different channel options (e.g., 2-channel vs surround sound)... but I can't recall ever seeing the director's or actor's commentary tracks. That's kinda weird. I guess they don't make them anymore unless they are going yo DVD? Or maybe they don't make them at all anymore?

@adam @hisham_hm appletv purchases often include making-of docs, deleted scenes, etc. dunno about commentary tracks.

@hisham_hm I feel like there are enough people who like commentary tracks enough that that could support a very niche streaming service.

@hisham_hm they wouldn't even have to license the whole movie for streaming, just the commentary tracks. You could listen to them on another device and do the sync yourself ala rifftrax.

@hisham_hm i wonder if it's an accessibility thing. comentary tracks tend not to have subtitles to go with them 🤔

@morenonatural most torrents I've seen contain only the movie 🤔

@hisham_hm @morenonatural Yeah, it's only a tiny amount but I was thinking the same (seen it with anime a few times). I'm quite sure though that most of these are extras from DVD and BD rips, so not really an answer to your question.

I love watching making-of/interviews videos/featurettes on Vimeo/YT though.

I also watched a small indie movie (Farewell Amor(?)) on a streaming site (Mubi) that had a really nice interview with the director attached at the end, recently

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