Another day, another PM at Google gets promoted by shuffling their product line around and causing confusion to users

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@hisham_hm "Promoted by shuffling" or "Promoted and start shuffling"?

'Cause that would make a lot of sense: Manager gets promoted, tries to erase everything previous manager did.

@juliobiason @hisham_hm The general scuttlebutt in the software industry is that at Google it is "promoted by shuffling" and at Microsoft it is "promoted immediately followed by shuffling"

@hisham_hm So, Android Wallet -> Google Pay -> Google Wallet?

Is Android Pay next?

@hisham_hm Heh, I still haven't set it back up after they split Pay out of Wallet a year ago

@hisham_hm sometimes I wonder if any PMs over there ever read anything about public perception of Google.

I never set up Google Pay because the app demanded I give it a phone number. "Uh... You're running on my *phone*. So you already have it, or you don't need it."

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