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I hate the paranoia around trimming trailing whitespace.

I remember a time when people weren't pedantic about it.

It started with Linux kernel devs because of their patches-over-email development method (email lost whitespace)

Then Linus coded that pedantism into Git.

And it spread like wildfire: editors started painting trailing whitespace RED.

Now everyone HATES trailing whitespace and when I ask them why they go blank for a second, then "...because Git and $EDITOR complain about it"

@hisham_hm when i was very young, before git hit the scene, trailing whitespace already made me irrationally nervous for reasons unknown. I developed a habit of randomly highlighting text near the line ends just to check for it, and I'd always go through sample code by hand to remove it all before using it. having tooling that takes care of the problem for me and encourages others to remove it from the code they publish has been very welcome in my life~

Hisham @hisham_hm

@lifning something tells me Linus shares your condition ;)