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I hate the paranoia around trimming trailing whitespace.

I remember a time when people weren't pedantic about it.

It started with Linux kernel devs because of their patches-over-email development method (email lost whitespace)

Then Linus coded that pedantism into Git.

And it spread like wildfire: editors started painting trailing whitespace RED.

Now everyone HATES trailing whitespace and when I ask them why they go blank for a second, then "...because Git and $EDITOR complain about it"

@hisham_hm it messes up editor commands that operate on the end the line and you don't know it's there until the cursor goes to the wrong place, and once it's there it can't be removed without cluttering up the log

your history seems off too, for starters whitespace isn't lost when emailing diffs, and other projects disallowed trailing whitespace long before git happened, eg. freebsd added it to their style(9) in 1997 and it would have been an informal guideline long before it got added

Hisham @hisham_hm@mastodon.social

@vi on diffs via email: not in attachments, but inline they do, don't they?

@hisham_hm no? at least mutt, mail(1) and mcom don't

@vi IIRC this was an issue not with MUAs but with MTAs. A mention I could find was here but I didn't search too hard: www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc1341/5_Content-Transfer-Encoding.html

@hisham_hm sending inline patches as quoted-printable has always been discouraged or completely disallowed by pretty much every project that uses inline patches