As Mastodon grows, at some point there _will_ be a meltdown of some big instance into which tons of people put their trust and then the admin turns out not to be trustworthy (like the MtGox incident in Bitcoin). Even if it's a few hundred people affected, it will be major negative news.

People need to be educated about the role and power of instance admins.

@hisham_hm As soon as an admin loses interest it's goodbye instance. There could even be a situation where an instance falls out of date.

@Divan @TheKinrar That's a good point. One ranking criteria for instances could/should be the version of Mastodon software running. This is a good indicator if the instance admin is doing their homework wrt security updates.

@TheKinrar @Divan If this info isn't easy to obtain from /about maybe that's something we could request to be added. In that direction, it could show the git hash of the running copy, and that would also indicate if it's a release of vanilla Mastodon or a custom codebase.

@hisham_hm @Divan don't know but I know this is planned

However yep, maybe not next release

@hisham_hm we need a non profit organization that can help support instance admins and developers. Something like the Linux Foundation but for Mastodon.

@hisham_hm I really think we need this to ensure an open and successful future for Mastodon

@hisham_hm Would be great to bake in a "delete my account" button right now as a precaution and maybe some more sophisticated tools for users to jump ship between instances

@bgcarlisle @hisham_hm or even have the ability to have an account shared / backed up between one or more instances.

@hisham_hm I wish I could acquire a spot on I have no clue on how to determine the trust worthiness of the other Mastodon instances. I just chose an instance with good stats ( scores, users, uptime, etc... ) and a funny name.

@theolagendijk yeah, I think one way to address this is to add more information about instances and help people make informed decisions. But it's also a UI problem; it can't be too complicated (people won't bother making a deep research about instances).

@hisham_hm I've been mulling this over. This is a very good point considering the sensationalism that tech writers and editors love to use.

@hisham_hm automatic backup to a device w/ simple import of followees seems like a good start

@paulsheprow this sounds like a feature that would be good to have in a mobile client

@hisham_hm it seems to have already happened with btw

@paulsheprow ouch -- got any links on what happened? couldn't find anything via search engines

@hisham_hm I don't, and it's late my time, but I'll look. Was down ~3 days, seem to have lost accts. Was no prob for me, it was a new acct. I read somewhere that another instance went down and they were on the same hosting.

@hisham_hm dug around and couldn't find it -- saw it on another spanish-language instance's federated timeline - tough without search.

@hisham_hm ehh I trust the French teenager in charge of mine...jk, but in all seriousness the ability to backup, export and import profiles from site to site would be a good feature.

@metapunk you can import/export follows/followers lists to/from csv, but the process could be more automated. There's room for development in clients and tools for this too.

@hisham_hm There is still very few people from Mexico :( We'll need much more time to expect really challenging Twitter's user size.

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