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Hisham @hisham_hm

htop 2.1.0 is officially released! and you heard it first here on Mastodon!


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@hisham_hm I use htop a lot. Also the other 'tops' like iotop and iftop.

@hisham_hm htop is the first thing that I install on a new server. Thanks for creating it!

@hishamhm I was going to bump it in Nix, but I got this minor issue on MacOS.

First screenshot is htop 2.0.2, second is 2.1.0.

Any idea what might be causing it? https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/1283794 https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/1283795
@hishamhm I realized actually it's affecting usability, it's not just cosmetic. Can't see the percentages in the above shot, and in the one attached here, user names are obscured. https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/1283815

@clacke @clacke Thank you for reporting! I pushed a fix to git. I guess that means 2.1.1 is on the way? I'll wait till the end of the day to see if anything else comes up.