I'm going to disrupt the serverless market by introducing Procedures as a Service.

Forget Functions! With Hisham Cloud Procedures you get zero latency, because they never return!

Many languages supported, including Pascal, Ada and COBOL!

The latency is only limited by the frequency you check the change of mutable data structures passed by reference! — Isn't that cool?

@hisham_hm The market is ripe for Cloud ASM: CALL instructions as a service! Pay extra for RET.

@sajith We have various plans of different stack sizes (Free plan is limited to passing arguments in registers)

@sajith (sorry about the eventual noise in notifications, I tried doing the hack-quote-toot but the link did not expand into a preview)

@hisham_hm No such noise arrived here! Mastodon must have cleared them.

@sajith @hisham_hm Making RET an additional cost will definitely help prevent ROP programming and make your infrastructure safer!

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