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Hisham @hisham_hm

I'm going to disrupt the serverless market by introducing Procedures as a Service.

Forget Functions! With Hisham Cloud Procedures you get zero latency, because they never return!

Many languages supported, including Pascal, Ada and COBOL!

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The latency is only limited by the frequency you check the change of mutable data structures passed by reference! — Isn't that cool?

@hisham_hm The market is ripe for Cloud ASM: CALL instructions as a service! Pay extra for RET.

@sajith We have various plans of different stack sizes (Free plan is limited to passing arguments in registers)

@sajith (sorry about the eventual noise in notifications, I tried doing the hack-quote-toot but the link did not expand into a preview)

@hisham_hm No such noise arrived here! Mastodon must have cleared them.

@sajith @hisham_hm Making RET an additional cost will definitely help prevent ROP programming and make your infrastructure safer!