It's my pleasure to announce htop 2.2.0!

Includes Solaris support, bugfixes and features for many platforms (Linux improvements, macOS High Sierra OS bug detection, OpenBSD battery reading, --tree option)

Many thanks to the awesome community!

@hisham_hm thank you for your work on htop, it is a tool that I use everyday!

@hisham_hm Thanks bro! It's a priviledge to meet you here.

@hisham_hm Now this is the kind of news that I like to hear! Congratulations and thank you for htop!

@hisham_hm Cool, you authored #htop. Very nice!

Here have a beer (like, an actual one :) too) 🍺

@ruebezahl credit for the Solaris port goes to :)

@mmu_man haiku has a Linux-compatible procfs!? TIL!

I wouldn't mind applying that patch, I don't think anyone's ever sent a PR with it!

@hisham_hm Nope, but BSD doesn't either, does it?

It's probably not a fully working port I suppose.

@mmu_man {Free,Open,Dragonfly}BSD have their own platform-specific code in htop. NetBSD uses linprocfs emulation, I think. (I believe Illumos also did before the native port.)

@hisham_hm from git log:
Builds but doesn't run. More work is needed.

@mmu_man ahh, I see. It probably defaults to the `unsupported/` architecture, which is an empty stub to help porters.

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