MSX Expert by Gradiente, a Brazilian computer from the 80s

Ten years of "microblogging". One year of Mastodon! Happy to have an alternative I believe in. Looking forward to many anniversaries in the fediverse!

(It feels like half my tweets there nowadays are just plugging Mastodon :) )

"For a real-world example, they pointed to Gilead Sciences, which markets treatments for hepatitis C that have cure rates exceeding 90 percent. In 2015, the company’s hepatitis C treatment sales peaked at $12.5 billion. But as more people were cured and there were fewer infected individuals to spread the disease, sales began to languish. Goldman Sachs analysts estimate that the treatments will bring in less than $4 billion this year. [1]

"Blessed by the Algorithm" — I can almost hear an apocalyptic Muse song in my head, as regular people slowly start to venerate the computer gods

10 cities where I spent at least 2 hours in the last 10 days. It's 00:34 and I still have 4 hours to go in a connection before I take the next 4-hour flight (and then a 2-hour bus before I'm home).

I guess you could say I'll be happy to be back home.

Two years ago, the front slide of my presentation featured my birdsite handle. This time, I was proud to plug Mastodon :-D

so I had a percent-sign in my abstract ("CPU%") and someone did not escape it when converting into LaTeX... :) (it cut off the rest of my abstract! :( )

It's really interesting that those logos for security vulnerabilities seem to share a common visual language.

Heartbleed's was designed by Leena Snidate (, Spectre/Meltdown by Natascha Eibl (

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