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I'm shocked how hard it is to generate text about Muslims from GPT-3 that has nothing to do with violence... or being killed...

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This brought a HUGE smile to my face this morning :D

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โ€œI ainโ€™t never seen somebody drop a beat three minutes into a song.โ€

Zoomer twins listening to โ€œIn the Air Tonightโ€ by Phil Collins for the first time. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;CSS IS TO THE BROWSER
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT GIT IS TO THE CLI

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centering in css

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1/x This morning I woke up to see viral maps incorrectly comparing the damage area of the Beirut explosion to London and New York. I have corrected the maps with a little thread to explain my corrections. img 1. tweet with my notes. img 2-4. my new maps.

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omg this thread!

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Open your linux/unix/macos terminal

Type htop

Post screenshot

Let us see how many cores you got.

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This is what is known as a financial crime. It wonโ€™t be prosecuted. Someone was alerted to a government drug deal in the works with Kodak, got in around $2 a share and two days later is holding stock worth $43. A return of 20x. The second financial crime will be no investigation.

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Nenhuma imagem ilustra mais Marielle. Hoje, ela completaria 41 anos de vida. A foto รฉ do รบltimo aniversรกrio que ela comemorou conosco. Hรก 3 anos, escorregava na Pedra do Sal, saudava a nossa ancestralidade e voltava ร  infรขncia.

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My bookshelf this morning.

Looks like my cats were pretty woke during the night.

Under Brazilian electoral law, if a candidate flat out lies about another during a campaign, the opponent is granted "response right" in the other's space (TV slot, etc.) โ€” doesn't anything of this sort exist in the US?

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trump's imaginary version of Biden sounds ... awesome

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Duality is a big theme in mathematics. Triality is more exotic. Any vector space has a dual. But a triality can happen only in certain special dimensions!


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